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^ewanee, Tennessee <££ 

Votume 111, 2009 




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yi ^Iabie of Contents 

4 Student Lift 



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20 faculty and Staff 

38 Classes 

68 School of Theology 

100 Athletics 

144 Qreel^Life 

190 Organizations 

■t » 

220 Commencement 


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<V Mil Wilt 






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"If you come to class 

sick^ Vltattackuou 

with the can of Lysot 

I keep in my office." 


Art and Art 

"Alt of my students 

currently have 

fingers. Well, I mean, 

none of my students 

have cut their fingers 

off. I don't think." 


*s* <& 

Donna F. Murdock, '03 
B.A., Hunter College; M.A., 
Graduate Certificate in Women's 
Studies; Ph.D., Emory University 
Assistant Professor of 

Richard Allan O'Connor, '78 

B.A., The College of William and 

Mary; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell 


Biehl Professor of International 

Studies and Co-director of Center 

for Teaching 

Rebecca Celeste Ray, '98 
B.A., University of Florida; M.A., 
University of Edinburgh, Scotland 
Ph.D., University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill 
Professor of Anthropology 

Pradip Malde, '90 
Diploma, Bournemouth College of 
Art; M.A., Glasgow School of Art 
Professor of Art 

Gregory Thomas Clark, '89 

B.A., University of California, Los 

Angeles; M.A., Queens College, 

City University of New York; 

M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeton 


Professor of Art History 

Nancy Mishoe Brennecke, '95 
B.A., The University of the South; 
M A., Columbia University; Ph.D 
City University of New York 
Associate Professor of Art History 

James Gregory Pond, '99 
B.A., The University of the South; 
M.F.A., The University of Georgia 
Associate Professor of Art 


Julie N. Puttgen, '06 

B.A., Yale University, M.F.A., 

Georgia State University 
Assistant Professor of Art & Art 


"Just thinf^ofme as 
'Batman" - ^alisano 

John Raymond Palisano, '93 
B.S., Ph.D., University of 
Professor of Biology 

Nancy Jane Berner, '92 
B.A., M.S., University of Idaho; 
Ph.D., Stanford University 
Professor of Biology 

Jonathan P. Evans, '94 
B.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., 
Duke University 
Professor of Biology 
Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

David George Haskell, '96 
B.A., University of Oxford; Ph.D. 
Cornell University 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Kirk S. Zigler, '04 

B.A., Kenyon College; Ph.D., 

Duke University 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

ulie C. Lively, '05 

B.A., Wellesley College; Ph.D. 

Vlassachusetts Institute of 


\ssistant Professor of Biology 

sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 ' 


yH 7 is a friendly 
ptt... it's the pH you 
wanna sit down and 

have a beer with." 

John Lawson Bordleyjr., 70 Douglas Tvbor Durig, '87 

B.S., Davidson College; Ph.D., The B.S., Ph.D., University of South 
Johns Hopkins University Carolina 

F.B. Williams Professor of Professor of Chemistrv and Physics 

Chemistry and Director of The Cordell- 

Lorenz Observatory 

ohn Hisashi Shibata, '98 
3.S., University of Washington; 
3 h.D, University of Washington 
Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Robert Edward Bachman, '01 
B.A., Ph.D., Rice University 
Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Deon Terrell Miles, '02 
B.A., Wabash College; Ph.D., 

University of North Carolina 
John D. MacArthur Associate 
Professor ol Chemistrv 


'%ug6y is a hooligan's 

sport p fayed By 

gentleman, andsoeeer 

is gentleman's sport 

played by hooligans.' 

- Holmes 


« ' •> »1 

John Douglas Seiters, 71 

B.A., The University or" the South; 

M.A., Ph.D., Florida State 


Class of 1961 Chair of the College, 

Professor of Classical Languages 

Christopher Michael McDonough 

B.A., Tufts University; M.A., 

Ph.D., University of North 


Associate Professor of Classical 


Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

Donald Charles Huber Jr., '95 
B.A., University of Pittsburgh; 
M.A., Brown University; Ph.D. 
Vanderbilt University 
Visiting Assistant Professor of 


'Why is the < Lcon 
Department the only 

deptartment that 

records Comprehensive 

grades on transcripts 

yx Well, the <Econ dept. 

believes in offering th 

proper incentives" 

- "Williams 

Robert Richard Gottfried, '82 
A.B., Davidson College; Ph.D. 
University of North Carolina 
Professor of Economics 

Yasmeen Mohiuddin, '81 Carl Phillip Heinemann, C.P.A., 

B.A., M.A., Karachi University; '87 

M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University B.A., Vanderbilt University 

Ralph Owen Distinguished Lecturer in Economics 
Professor of Economics 


Merle Wallace, '96 
B.A., Temple University; M.A., 
University of Illinois, Springfield; 
Ph.D., University of Illinois at 
Associate Professor of 
Anthropology and Director of 
Teacher Education 


"It's illegal to keep 

livestoc/^on the 

mountain... *We were 

never arrested." - 


John Vincent Reishman, '69 
B.A., University of Notre Dame; 

Dale Edward Richardson, 73 
A.B., Harvard College; M.A., 

M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia University of Virginia; Ph.D., 

Jesse Spalding Professor of English Princeton University 

Literature and Director of Summer Nick B. Williams Professor of 

School English 

Thomas Macnab Carlson, 70 
B.A., The University of the South; 
MA., Ph.D., University of North 

3 rofessor of English 

Robert George Benson, 79 

B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University; 

Ph.D., University of North 


Professor of English 

William Ellis Clarkson, 73 
B.A., Yale University; M.A., Ph.D., 
University of Virginia 
Professor of English 

Wyatt Pmnty, '89 

B.A., The University of the South; 

M.A., The Johns Hopkins 

University; Ph.D., Louisiana State 


Carlton Professor of English and 

Director of the Sewanee Writers' 


Pamela Royston Macfie, '84 
B.A., Goucher College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Duke University 
Samuel R. Williamson 

John Miller Grammer, '92 
B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.A., 
Ph.D., University ol Virginia 
Professor ot English and Director 

Distinguished University Chair and of the School of Letters 
Professor of English and Co- 
iirector of Center for Teaching 

John Joseph Gattajr., '04 
B.A., University of Notre Dame; 
M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University 
Dean of the College and Professor 
of English 

Jennifer Davis Michael, '95 
B.A., The University of the South; 
B.A., University of Oxford; MA, 
Ph.D., Northwestern University 
Professor of English 
Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

Kelly Malone, '02 

B.A., Providence College; M.A., 

Ph.D., University of North 


Associate Professor of English 

William E. Engel, '04 
B.A., Trinity College; M.A. 
University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., 
University of California, Berkeley 
Associate Professor ot English 

Matthew W. Irvin, '08 
B.A., University of Chicago 
Instructor of English 

Elizabeth Elkin Grammer, '94 
A.B., Davidson College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Lhiiversitv of Virginia 
Assistant Professor of English 


Virginia Ottley Craighill, '00 
B.A., The University of the South; 
M.A., University of Texas; Ph.D., 
University ot Georgia 
Visiting Assistant Professor of 

Donald Douglas Wells, '07 

B.A., Appalachian State University; 

M.A., St. Johns College; M.A., 

Ph.D., University of North 


Visiting Assistant Professor of 


Stephen Allen Shaver, '87 
B.S., North Carolina State 
University; Ph.D., Stanford 
Professor of Geology 

Donald Brandreth Potter Jr., '80 
B.A., Williams College; M.S., 
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts 
Annie Overton Brinkley Snowden 
Professor of Geology 

Martin Knoll, '93 Scott Torreano, '93 Karen Kuers, '94 

B.A., The University of the South; B.S., Michigan Technological B.S., Spring Hill College; M.S., 

M.S., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., University; M.S., North Carolina Texas A 8c M University; Ph.D., 
University of Texas State University; Ph.D., University University of Georgia 

Professor of Geology of Georgia Professor of Forestry and Geology 

Professor of Forestry 

George Wilkinson Poe, '87 
B.A., Davidson College; M.A., 
Middlebury College; Ph.D., Duke 
Professor of French 

Donald Charles Rung, '87 
A.B., Harvard College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Princeton University 
Associate Professor of French 
Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

Laurie Anne Ramsey, '92 

B.A., The College of William and 

Mary; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana 


Associate Professor of French 

Cathryn Oliver Mills, '97 

}.A., University of Virginia; M.A., 

)xford University; Ph.D., Yale 


Associate Professor of French 

Aymeric Glacet, '03 

Maitrise, D.E.A., Universite de 

Lille III, France; Ph.D., Emory 


Assistant Professor of French 

leinhard Konrad Zachau, '78 

itaatsexamen, University of 

iamburg; Ph.D., University of 


'rofessor of German 

James Charles Davidheiser, '76 
B.A., LaSalle College; M.A., 
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 
Professor of German 

Harold Joel Goldberg, '74 

B.A., State University of New York 

at Buffalo; M.A., Ph.D., University 

of Wisconsin 

Professor of History 

David Edward Underwood Chair of 

Modern European History 

Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

Charles Richard Pern - , '74 

A.B., Davidson CoUege; A.M., 

Ph.D., Harvard Universitv 

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of 


Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 

Susan Janet Ridyard, '89 John Charles Willis, '91 

J.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of B.A., Baylor University, M.A., 
Cambridge Ph.D., University of Virginia 

'rofessor of History and Director of Professor of History 
he Sewanee Mediaeval Colloquium 

William Wood Register, '92 
B.A., The University of the South; 
M.A., Ph.D., Brown University 
Professor ot Historv 

Houston Brvan Roberson, '97 
B.A., Mars Hill College; M.A., 
Wake Forest University; Ph.D., 
LTniversitv of North Carolina 
Associate Professor of Historv 


Julie Kay Berebitsky, '97 

B.A., University of California, 

Davis; M.A., George Washington 

University; Ph.D., Temple 


Associate Professor of History 

Elizabeth M. McCahill, '06 
B.A., Yale University; M.A., Ph.D., 
Princeton University 
Assistant Professor of History 
Leave of Absence 2008-2009 


''Linger lovingly over 

the consonants" - 


Leslie Buchman Richardson, '80 
B.A., Rhodes College; M.A., 
University of Virginia; M.A., 
Middlebury College 
Instructor in Italian 

Library Science 

Vicki Sells, '00 

B.A., Antioch College; M.S., 

University of Tennessee; Ed.D., 

University of Tennessee 

Associate Provost for Information 

Technology Services and University 


Adjunct Assistant Professor of 



and Computer 



speafqng, you can't 

tell the difference 

between this mug and 

a donut" - !Haight 

Frederick Hailey Croom, '71 

B.S., Ph.D., University of North 


Professor of Mathematics 

William McGowen Priesdey, '67 
B.A., The University of the South; 
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University 
Gaston Swindell Bruton Professor 
of Mathematics 


Joel Cunningham, '00 

B.A., University of Chattanooga; 

M.A., Ph.D., University of Oregon 

Vice Chancellor and Professor of 


Linda Bright Lankewicz, '95 Catherine Elizabeth Cavagnaro, '9 

B.S., University of Georgia; M.Ed., B.S., Santa Clara University; Ph.I 

M.S., University of South Alabama; University of Illinois at Urbana- 

M.S., Ph.D., Tulane University Champaign 

Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics 
Computer Science and Provost 

Imily Puckette, '01 

>.A., Smith College; M.A., Ph.D. 

)uke University 

Lucia K. Dale, '00 

B.S., M.C.S., Ph.D, Texas A&M 


Douglas J. Drinen, '01 

B.A., Trinity University; M.A., 

Ph.D., Arizona State University 

Trudy Cunningham, '00 
B.A., The University of 
Chattanooga; M.A., University of 

issociate Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics Oregon; Ed.D., University of 

nd Computer Science 

and Computer Science 

and Computer ScienceDrnen 

Villiam Thompson Haight, '93 
A., West Virginia University; 
4.S., Georgia Institute of 
astructor in Mathematics 

usan Kay Rupert, 78 
>.M., University of Cincinnati 
College-Conservatory of Music; 
/I.M., Northwestern University 
nstructor in Music 

Katherine L. Lehman, '95 
B.M., University of Kansas; M.M., 
Certificate in Performance, 
Northwestern University 
Instructor in Music 


Lecturer in Mathematics and 
Senior Consultant for Admission 
and Advising 

Steven Wyck Shrader, 76 Stephen Ray Miller, '95 

B.A., The College of William and B.A., University- of Kansas; M.A., 

Mary; M.M., University of Ph.D., Universitv of Chicago 

Cincinnati College-Conservator)' of Associate Professor of Music 

Music; Ph.D., Northwestern 


Professor of Music 

Eric Douglas Reed, '96 
B.M. Universitv of Houston; 
M.M., University of Tennessee 
Lecturer in Music 

William Jav Garland, '68 
B.A., Emory University; Ph.D., 
The Johns Hopkins University 
Professor of Philosophv 

James Franklin Peterman, '80 

A.B., Kenyon College; M.A., 

Ph.D., University of California, 


Professor of Philosophy 

James Robert Peters, '84 

B.A., Northern Illinois University; 

M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern 


Professor of Philosophy 

Christopher H. Conn, '97 
B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., 
Northern Illinois University; Ph.D. 
Syracuse University 
Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Physics and 

Randolph Stuart Peterson, '89 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of 
Professor of Physics 

Michael T. Coffey, 07 

B.A., University of the South; D. 

Phil., University of Oxford 

Visiting Associate Professor of 



Political Science 

ir Ifte UJigeneraf 

AssemSfy is the 

world's biggest 


- Manacsa 

Douglas Tybor Durig, '87 Benito Theodoro Szapiro, '94 

B.S., Ph.D., University of South M.S., Ph.D., University of Buenos 

Carolina Aires 

Professor of Chemistry and Physics Professor of Physics 

and Director of The Cordell- 

Lorenz Observatory 

Charles Donald Brockett, '79 
B.A., Whittier College; Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina 
Biehl Professor of International 

Daniel Elwood Dunn, '81 
B.A., Cuttington College; M.A., 
Ph.D., The American University 
Alfred Walter Negley Professor of 
Political Science 

ott Howard Wilson, '94 
A., Oberlin College; M.A., 
i.D., Cornell University 
ofessor of Political Science 

Robert Wesley Pearigen, '87 
B.A., The University of the South; 
MA., Ph.D., Duke University 
Associate Professor of Political 
Science and Vice President for 
University Relations 

Gayle Elaine McKeen, '93 Paige L. Schneider, '00 

B.A., University of Massachusetts; B.A., University of Florida; M.A., 

MA., Ph.D., University of Chicago Florida Atlantic University; Ph.D., 

Associate Professor of Political Emory University 

Science Assistant Professor of Political 

Sabbatical Leave 2008-2009 Science 

ndrea C. Hatcher, '05 

A., M.A., University of West 

orida; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt 


ssistant Professor of Political 


icole Bella Barenbaum, '90 
.B., Cornell University; M.A., 
i.D., Boston University 
'ofessor of Psychology 

Karen Pao-Ying Yu, '96 
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology; M.A., Ph.D., 
Vanderbilt University- 
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Charles Samuel Peyser Jr., '68 
A.B., Hamilton College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University 
at Carbondale 
Professor of Psychology 

Timothv Keith-Lucas, '73 
B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Duke University 
Professor of Psychology 

Carl Albert Bardi, '08 
B.A., North Carolina State 
University, M.A., Ph.D., University 
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Helen V. Bateman, '03 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Vanderbilt 


Assistant Professor of Psychology 


xx you can get old, but 

you can't get tired." 

- Smith 

Gerald LaFayette Smith, '69 
B.A., University of Richmond; 
B.D., Ph.D., Duke University 

Professor of Religion and Marshal 
of the University Faculties 
Robert M. Ayres Jr. Distinguished 
University Chair 

Larry Edward Carden, '82 

B.A., DePauw University; B.D., 

Yale University; Ph.D., Vanderbilt 


Associate Professor of Religion 

Tarn K. Parker, '00 

B.A., Macalester College; M.Div.. 

Harvard Divinity School; Ph.D., 

Emory University 

Associate Professor of Religion 

Eric Thomas Thurman, 07 
B.S., Cumberland College; M.Div., 
Th.M., Princeton Theological 
Seminary; M. Phil, Drew University 
Instructor of Religion 

Thomas Dean Spaccarelli, 74 
Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, 
Universidad de Granada; A.B., 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
Circle; M.A., Ph.D., University of 
Professor of Spanish 

Margaret Elaine Gompper Bonds, 

B.S., University of Wisconsin- 
Milwaukee; M.A., Ph.D., 
University of Maryland 
Professor of Spanish 

Sid Brown, '99 

B.A., Emory University; M.A., 
Florida State University; Ph.D., 
University of Virginia 
Associate Professor of Religion 

Raymond Mark Preslar, '91 
B.A., Arizona State University; 
M.A., University of Arizona; 
Ph.D., University of Washington 
Assistant Professor of Russian 

Maria-Jesus Mayans Natal, '86 
Bachiller, University of Seville; 
M.A., University of Texas; Ph.D. 
University of Florida 
Professor of Spanish 

iluth Sanchez Imizcoz, '95 

jcenciatura en Geografia e 

Hhstoria, Universidad de Valencia; 

3.A., The University of the South; 

VI.A., Ph.D., University of 


-"rofessor of Spanish 

Stephen Boykin Raulston, '98 

Jane Benton Fort, 07 

B.A., The University of the South; B.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., 

M.A., Ph.D., University of 
California, Berkeley 
Associate Professor ot Spanish 

Vanderbilt University 
Visiting Associate Professor in 

Angela Alvarez Jordan, '96 
B.S., Universidad Autonoma del 
Caribe; M.A., Middle Tennessee 

State University' 

Visiting Instructor in Spanish 

c Ifieater Arts 

David MacRae Landon, 74 
A.B., Harvard College; Ph.D., 

Vanderbilt University 
Professor of Theatre Arts 

Peter Thomas Smith, '82 
A.B., College of the Holy Cross; 
M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D., Case 
Western Reserve University 
Professor of Theatre Arts 

Garcia Mary Cook, '94 

5.A., University of Iowa; M.Ed., 

"he Johns Hopkins University; 

/I.F.A., University of Tennessee 

^siting Assistant Professor of 


John James Piccard, '78 

B.A., M.F.A., Florida State 


Lecturer in Theatre Arts 

Phoebe Stone Pearigen, '87 
B.A., Birmingham- Southei 
College; M.F.A, Southern 
Methodist Universitv 
Lecturer in Theatre Arts 

Daniel Backhand, '89 

B.S., Bradley University; M.F.A., 

North Carolina School of the Arts 

Professor of Theatre Arts and 

Director of the Sewanee Summer 





Anthropology: Sarah C. Sherwood 

Art 6c Art History: Margaret Duncan Binnicker, Jeanne-Marie Musto 

Biology: Larry Hudson Jones, Deborah Anne McGrath, Dane Mitchell Kuppinger, Alyssa R. Bonnie-Summers, 

Scott E. Phillips, Justin Cameron Gramarye 

Chemistry: Richard G. Summers, Scott Thomas Borella, Phyllis Arthasery 

Chinese: Wei Yang 

Classical Languages: Daniel Stephen Holmes, Stephanie Ann McCarter 

Economics: E. Douglas Willams, Marc St-Pierre, Beth Pride Ford, Robert A. Ott Jr., Rashida Mohd Rowther 

Education: Tracy Johnson Randolph, Teresa Rose Wiserman, Patricia L. Wiser 

English: Gerald Howard Snare, Andrew Bragen, Michael Kevin Wilson 

Forestry & Geology: Charles Kenneth Smith 

French: Regis Miaanay 

History: Carmen Elena McEvoy, Andrew Mansker, Roger S. Levine, Glenn Kumhera, Kim Teresa Gallon, Joseph 

David Prestia, Daniel Breck Walker, Huey Bin Teng 

Japanese: Yumi Soeshima 

Mathematics & Computer Science: Chris Parrish, Stephen Paul Carl, Warren D. Hoss Craft 

Music: James Robert Carlson 

Philosophy: Andrew Paul Moser 

Physics & Astronomy: Francis Xavier Hart 

Political Science: Srikrishna Ayyangar, Rodelio Manacsa, Terza Silva Lima-Neves, Jelis Frederiksen 

Psychology: Sherry Lynne Hamby, Bethany A. Lohr 

Russian: Elizabeth A. Skomp 

Spanish: Betsy A. Sandlin, Michael A. Braden 

Theater: Jennifer Kay Matthews 



Hie Rt. Rev. Henry N. Parsley Jr. - Chancellor 

)r. Joel Cunningham - Vice Chancellor and President 

Dr. Linda Bright Lankewicz - Provost 

Tie Very Rev. Dr. William S. Stafford - Dean of the School of 


)r. John J. Gattajr. - Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Ar. Eric E. Hartman - Dean of Students 

)r. Jerry Forster - Treasurer 

Ar. David L. Lesesne - Dean of Admission 

)r. Robert W. Pearigen - Vice President for University Relations 

"'he Rev. Thomas E. Macfie Jr. - University Chaplain 


3hn Gatta - Dean of the College and Professor of English 

^arry Jones - Associate Dean of the College for Student Affairs and 

'rofessor of Biology 

^rudy Cunningham -Senior Consultant for Admission and Advising 

3indy Church - Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College 

)onna Jo Parker - Office Program Specialist 

onia Kay MacKenzie - International and Academic Support 


lichard G. Summers - Associate Dean of the College for Faculty 

Lffairs and Associate Professor of Chemistry 


jric E. Hartman, M.S. Dean of Students 

dexander Bruce, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Students 

alie King Murphy, Assistant Dean of Students for Student 

readership Development 

/[ary Beth Bankson, Ph.D. Assistant Dean of Students for 

Lesidential Life 

lay Brown, Office Coordinator 

"eresa Bennett, Program Specialist 

TUDENT LIFE CABINET (includes the above) 

larbara Banks, Director for Campus Life 

^ric Benjamin, Director of Mulit- cultural Student Affairs 

3hn Benson, Director of Sewanee Outing Program 

^icky Hamilton, Director of Residence Life 

am Heitzenrater, Director of Career Services 

Lay Mackenzie, Academic & International Specialist 

lev. Annwn Myers, Associate Chaplain 

)rxon Myers, Outreach Ministries Coordinator 

^.nne Sitz, Director of Health Services 

)r. David Spaulding, Director of Counseling Services 

Class of 2009 

Christina Aga 

Peter Ande 

Catherine Ariail 

Paul Ashey 

Elizabeth Austin 

Albert Axe 

Carrie Barfield 

Abigail Becic 

Emily Beeson 

Alysia Belle 

Bruce Bentley 

Molly Bemhard 

Coburn Berry 

William Blackerby 

Charles Boyd 

William Brawley 

John Brooks 

Will Brown 


Class of 2009 

James Burchfield 

Hudson Byrd 

Laura Candler 

Sarah Cardwell 

Erin Castleberrv 

Chase Chesser 

Robert Childers 

Mary Clark 

John Cobb 

Tvler Cc 

Elizabeth Cooper 

Catherine Couey 

Matthew Councill 

CaroHne Covington 

Tared Cowan 

Kimberly Coyle 

Tiffany Davidson 

Charles Davis 

Elizabeth Dougherty 

Sedar Du 


Class of 2009 

James Duracin 

Elizabeth Edwards 

Hannah Ford 

Tiffany Fowler 

Anne Gibbo 

Katherine Gojkovich 

James Goodgame 

Arden Grady 

Carl Gray 

Margaret Gray 

Molly Green 

William Grundy 

Alexander Harcourt 

Andrew Hawkin 

Kara Holcomb 

Meredith Hoover 

Rebecca Humes 

Elizabeth Imboden 

Gertrude Inge 

Elspeth Iralu 


Class of 2009 

Katya Iv 

Amy Jackson 

Jacob Johnson 

Kathryn Kendrick 

Madeleine King 

Charles Kramer 

Karena Kwauk 

Anisha Lang;h 

John Lines 

Laura Lucas 

Sara Luce 

Timothy Luna 

Elisabeth Lust 

Andrew Mather 

Da\"id Mathews 

Aglaia Matthe 

Rebecca McCann 

Sarah McClure 

Malcolm Means 

Adam Mentzer 


Class of 2009 

Caitlyn Meyers 

Anna Middleton 

John Milam 

Marisha Mitchell 

Alethea Mobley 

Michael Mc 

Matthew Nelson 

Kevin Nofi 

Megan O'roark 

Raymond Pappas 

Shashin Patel 

Alexandra Pinzon 

Kathleen Presley 

Mahala Pruitt 

Catherine Purdy 

John Renehan 

Hayley Robb 

John Roberts 

Jacob Rouquette 

Nancy Royer 


Class of 2009 

Mary Sadler 

Allison Scherberger 

Benjamin Scott 

Jackie Sharp 

Samuel Sheridan 

Roy Smart 

Cari Snowman 

Charles Spurlock 

Robert Stith 

Angelica Tassoulas 

Allen Tate 

Melissa Timbers 

Elizabeth Tooke 

Henderson Tozer 

Joel Tupper 

Ashley Vanderlande 

Christian Vaughan 

Anne Vaughn 

ohn Walker 

Racbel Watson 


Class of 2009 

Michelle Weeks 

Elizabeth Wilber 

Colin Wilhelm 

Brittany Williams 

Michael Willis 

Bradley Wills 

Julia Wilson 

Marie Wilson 

Cory Woodworth 

Michael Wurzel 


Class of 2010 

David Adams 

Samuel Allen 

Chassidy Anders 

Nelson Be 

William Bostwick 

Sally Breeden 

Alexander Butler 

Ardun Butl 

David Caughran 

Anne Chenery 

Lily Colpitts 

Margaret Compton 

Sarah Cooke 

Michael Corliss 

Andrew Cotten 

David Cousins 

Kate Cummings 

Claire DeBo 

Benjamin Derbes 

Roddev Dowd 


Class oj 2010 

John Duffiis 

Joseph Duke 

Sarah Dunn-Rankin 

Jennifer Dusenberry 

Elizabeth Epps 

Mary Epps 

Martha Ev 

George Falk 

Bakari Faulkner 

Rebecca Fowler 

Corey French 

Henry Gass 

Elizabeth Gibert 

Caitlin Gilli; 

Parker Graham 

Shannon Heard 

Andrew Hi 

Jessica Hines 

Kevin Holland 

Nghi Hu 


Class of 2010 

Benjamin Huelskamp 

William Hutchii 

Johnson Jeffers 

Richard Jennings 

Charles Jessee 

Jennifer Juma 

Allison Kendrick 

Eleanor Kibler 

William King 

Henry Kiser 

Jeffrey Laffbnd 

Lillian Lawson 

Amanda Lippe 

Danielle Llan De Rose 

Emily Luethke 

Ann Macrae 

Kvndall McKemie 

Leisha Meade 

Kavce Moblev 

Timothy Moore 


Class of 2010 

Mac Moorer 

Nathaniel Morales 

William Murphy 

Sarah Nix 

Frances O'connell 

Morgan O'donnell 

Robert Osborn 

Benjamin Pless 

Meghan Plummer 

Philip Redding 

Matthew Reed 

Steffi Renninger 

Anslev Riedel 

Sara Roberson 

Hailey Robi 

Patrick Shelton 

Justin Smith 

Matthew Stringer 

Anna Takebuchi 

Jonathon Taylor 


Class of 2010 

Emily Thornton 

Mary Tippens 

Allen Tomlinson 

Amory Walker 

David Walker 

Catherine Whelchel 

Kristin Whitely 

John Williamson 

Robert Willi: 

Basil Wilson 


Class of 2011 

Caitlin Alderter 

Lillian Anderson 

John Armistead 

Jennifer Bassett 

Katrina Boniewski 

Nathan Bourne 

Chalankis B 

-,i- Drown 

Benjamin Burgess 

Benjamin Burgess 

Forrest Burnson 

Leslie Butle 

Stewart Calde 

Chetna Chandrasekaran 

Lin Chen 

Liz Childers 

Eleanor Claiborne 

Sarah Clark 

Daniel Cc 

Kristy Collins 


Class of 2011 

David Combs 

Katelyn Conner 

Lauren Croasdaile 

ulian Da 

Katherine Dembergh 

Leila Donn 

Sarah Donnell 

Emily Ezell 

Victoria Friedman 

Gillian Gaetano 

Cain Green 

David Gremillion 

Christopher Hague 

Alexander Harris 

Kyle Hatchett 

Sierra Hayes 

William Hodge 

Forrest Hogsette 

Garrett Hollingsworth 

Caroline Holman 


Class of 2011 

Sarah Huskey 

Katharine Izard 

Shameka Jennings 

Hope Johnson 

Walter Johnson 

Hayley Kortz 

Anh Le 

Laura Logan 

Ashley Macon 

Hadley Mates 

Margaret Matteson 

Caroline McNair 

Edward McNeillv 

Man' McQuiston 

Jeri Meador 

Genevieve Melcher 

Suzanne Mellinger 


Class of 2011 

William Mohr 

Jonathan Moody 

Rebecca Mooradian 

Brandi Mc 

Johanna Moran 

Katherine Mc 

Karimeh Moukaddem 

Amy Nelson 

Victoria Nettleton 

Emily Nielsen 

hn-Christophe Ogden 

Sarah Owens 

Rosemary Paeltz 

Man- Parham 

Charles Peel 

Theodore Peterson 

Leigh Pickett 

Cara-Rae Pike 

Sarah Pii 

Franklin P023J 


Class of 2011 

Kelcv Puis 

Edward Robinson 

Caitlin Rogers 

Matney Rolie 

Margaret Shipley 

Ann Sho 

Elizabeth Shortridge 

Nathan Shults 

Emily Simpson 

Amber Singleton 

Latoyia Slay 

Erica Teasley 

Victoria Thomas 

Victoria Tii 

Anna Tracy 

John Anthony Umberger 

Bevin Willi; 

Anneka Wisker 

Carson Wright 

Magdalena Yarbrough 


Class of 2011 


Class of 2012 

Spencer Abies 

ared Ashworth 

Zachary Atkins 

Richard Axe 

Majors Badgett 

Katherine Barnes 

Sylvia Barrows 

Catherine Bartenstein 

Patrick Berger 

Ross Bern' 

Rachel Bland 

Laura Bownes 

Mary Bovvring 

John Breckenridge 

Blair Brown 

Charlotte Bryant 

Lauren Butcher 

Elizabeth Butler 

John Carter 


Class of 2012 

Kathleen Catherall 

Man - Christiansen 

Benjamin Cleveland 

Aliller Combs 

William Condon 

Jourdan Cooney 

Man' Dale 

Margaret Day 

aime De La Fuente 

Francoise De Saint Phalle 

Bill Dearybury 

Bryant Denisc 

Thomas Don' 

Claire Elliott 

Christian Esquivel 

Elana Evans 

Henn' Farley 

Chris Fs 

Brian Fennessv 


Class of 2012 

Richard Fields 

Richard Firth 

Mary Forrester 

Katharine Freema 

Margaret Garrett 

Elizabeth Gheorghita 

John Gilmer 

Deanna Gonzalez 

Mar)' Goodpasture 

Andrew Gordo 

Lauren Gould 

Edward Graves 

Mary Gray 

Eszter Gyori 

Bay Habshey 

Augustine Hosch 

Alexander Irwin 

Joshua Jackson 

Graham Jones 

Danielle Kabbes 


Class of 2012 

Gregory Keyes 

Allison King 

Luca Koritsanszky 

Ruteer Lamberson 

Catherine Lambert 

William Matson 

Marv McAfee 

Robert McAlister 

William McCullough 

Quersten McDonald 

Natalie McQueen 

Loretta Modica 

James Morgan 

Esther Na 

Thomas Neelv 


Class of 2012 

Elvse Nichol 

Erin O'reillv 

William Overton 

Breckenridge Pappas 

Robert Pa 

Andrew Patn - 

Andrew Pattv 

Alexander Peter 

Analesa Pollock 

Tames Porterfield 

Katelyn Quails 

Patrick Quinn 

Timothy Rassieur 

Regan Rau 

Gary Ray 

Braxton Redeagle 

Amanda Ren vail 

John Richards 

Justin Riopelle 

Katherine Rogers 


Class of 2012 

Jordan Rose 

Margaret Ruch 

Aaron Rutz 

Carrie Rya 

Murphv Savre 

Olivia Schubert 

Sarah Smith 

George Shea 

David Shelton 

Brittany Shere 

Andrew Sigler 

Elizabeth Smyth 

Daniel Speake 

Peter Spring 

Peter Staffelbach 

William Stanlev 

Seely Stephen 

Sarah Stewart 

Meghan Stuart 

Sarah Sullivan 


Class of 2012 

Devin Tellatin 

Quentin Thornbury 

Patrick Vestal 

Emma Volk 

Tessa Waldrop 

Sallev Walker 

Thomas Ward 

Carlv Warfield 

Warner Watkins 

Megan Welton 

Julianna White 

Victoria White 

Thomas Whitmire 

Philip Wilkie 

Trent Williams 

Elizabeth Wilson 

Deanna Wolford 

Tyler Wright 

Kathryn Yort 

Virginia Zakas 


1 €EI 

'-- N ^^. 






H^t\^\ 4 

jBbgH^^' ' ^Q ■ 

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Bryan 
C.K. Benedict Professor of New 
Testament, Emerti 
M.A., Oxford University 
Ph.D., Exeter University 


•JUL K? 

The Rev. Dr. Donald Armentrout 
Professor of Church History and 
Historical Theology, Charles 
Quintard Professor of Dogmatic 
Theology, Director of the Advanced 
Degrees Program B.A., Roanoke 
College, M.Div., Gettysburg 
Lutheran Theological Seminar)' 
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 

The Rev. Walter B.A. Brownridge 

Associate Dean for Community 


B.A., John Carroll University 

M.A., University of San Diego 

M.Div., General Theological 


J.D., Georgetown University Law 


The Rev. Dr. William F. Brosei 


Associate Professor of Homileti 

B.A., Denison University 

M.Div., Vanderbilt University 

Divinity School 

Ph.D., The University of Chicaj 

Divinity School 

Dr. Cynthia SW. Crysdale 

Professor of Christian Ethics and 


B.A., York University 

M.A., Ph.D., St. Michael's College 

in the University of Toronto 

Dr. James W. Dunkly 
School of Theology Librarian 
Lecturer in New Testament 
B.A., Texas Christian University 
Dip. Theology, Oxford University 

The Rev. Dr. Julia Gatta 

Associate Professor of Pastoral 


B.A., St. Mary's College 

M.A., Ph.D., Cornell Universitj 

M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University M.Div., Episcopal Divinity Schi 

B.A., Bucknell University 


The Rev. Dr. Robert Davis Hughes Barbara Hughes 

Professor of Systematic Theology Lecturer in Art and Theology 

The Norma and Olan Mills 

Professor of Divinity, B.A., Yale 

University, M.Div., Episcopal 

Theological School, M.A., Ph.D., 

St. Michaels College in the 

University of Toronto 

The Rev. Dr. Guy Fitch Lytle III 
Professor of Anglican Studies 
Bishop Juhan Professor of Divinity 
A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Princeton 

The Rev. Dr. Susanna Metz 
Assistant Professor of Contextui 
Education, Director of Field 
Education, Executive Director c 
the Center for Ministry in Smal 
Churches, B.M., B.A., Immacul 
College, M.Ed., West Chester 
University, M.Div., D.Min., Th 
University of the South 

)r. Joseph E. Monti 

rofessor of Christian Ethics and 

loral Theology 

.A., St. Marys College 

LA., M.Div., Notre Dame 


LA., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 

Susan K. Rupert 

Instructor in Music 

B.M., University of Cincinnati 

College-Conservatory of Music 

M.M., Northwestern University 

The Rev. Dr. A. Richard Smith The Very Rev. Dr. William S. 

Lecturer in Greek and Pastoral Stafford 

Theology Dean of the School of Theology 

B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University Professor of Church Historv 

M.Div., Wittenberg University B.A., Stanford University 

D.D., Newberry College M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale 


he Rev. Dr. James F. Turrell The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Abts Wright 

ssociate Dean of Academic Affairs Professor of Old Testament 

ssociate Professor of Liturgy B.A., The American University 

ab-Dean, Chapel of the Apostles M.Div., Wesley Theological 

A., Yale University Seminary 

LDiv., Berkeley Divinity School Ph.D., Yale University 

LA., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 


School of ^Theology Seniors 

William Barton 

Michael Caldwell 

Howard Castleberrv 

Catherine Collier 

Robert Courtney 




i-fl- -**■ VJ 

^M M 

^4-^B i 

J ^ ^1 'i 

^K MJtr^ vv 


Cvnthia Duffus 

Victor Hailev 

Richard He 

F W >^< i^^H ! 

kdU> M 1 


KL m^ 1 

1 r * f* V 

William Keith 

Robert McCaslin 

James McDonald 

Judy Morris 

Beverly Patterson 

Eric Ryniker 

Anne Schnaare 



1 ' : t 4 

Ifea ^n 

1 Jk 

4 ' # 



Susan Springer 



Chris Caddell 

Stephen Carson 

Patrick Cooley 

Lorna Erixson 

Joseph Farber 

Kirk Lafon 

Bradley Landry 

Alice Rutland 

Heather Tvner 

Gregory Wilde 



James Bailey 

Matthew Baldwin 

Susan Bennett 

Karen Workman Booth 

Joshua Bowron 


1. «** I 

M H^k 


Donald Chancello 

Robert Cr 

Alvin Crumpton 

Tom Dimarco 

Wayne Farrell 

Dannv Freeman 

Pierre Gobaud 

Derrick Hill 

Harry Jenkins 

Jane Johnson 

Sarah Kelb 

Watson Lamb 

Amanda Lippe 


E 1 

b^» ©v m, 1 

■ l 

A- 1 I 

w^ M J 

• ^1 

1 1 jf 

jfjp 1 



Abigail Moon 



Other (Degrees 

Barbara Mosley 

Ruth Allen 

Emmanuel Bwatta 

Halcott Carter 

^^H ^^^ 

1 ^M 

1 mM* 

1 ^K5 > 

l^^k ^* rH [ 

w ^ ^ Jfl 



David Olr 

Scott Little 

Rebecca Mathis 

Kagelelo Mphetolang 

Man,' Wolienbarger 

Susan Oldfather 

Carol Samps: 

Robert Schlismann 

Timothv Vance 

Suzanne Warner 


Students at the Scfioo[of r [heo[ogy 



Susan Parker Bennett 
Karen Workman Booth 
Joshua Dan Bowron 
Donald W. Chancellor 
Patrick Ryan Cooley 
Robert Barry Crow 
Alvin B. Crumpton 
Thomas Edgar DiMarco 
Lillian Sheffield Eddleman 
Wayne F. Farrell 
Pierre Simpson Gabaud 
Derrick Craig Hill 
Harry Oliver Jenkins 
Jane Margaret Johnson 
Sarah Danielle Kelb 
Watson Howard Lamb 
Amanda Joy Lippe 
Clelie Fleming McCandless 
Abigail Astrid White Moon 
Barbara Hayes Mosley 
David Andrew Olivo 
Martha Elaine Ruth 
Mary Suzanne Wolfenbarger 


James D. Bailey 
Matthew V. Baldwin 
Christopher Len Caddell 
Stephen Wilson Carson 
Eric Shane Cooter 
Lorna Lloyd Erixson 
Joseph Wade Farber 
Danny Martin Freeman 
Chad Michael Krouse 
Kirk David LaFon 
Bradley Jackson Landry 
Barbara L. Barnes Prather 
Alice Ray Rutland 
iane Maria Sastre 
Heather Kirsten Tyner 
Gregory Dean Wilde 


William Henderson Barton III 
Michael Lee Caldwell 
Howard Glen Castleberry 
Catherine Hudson Collier 
Robert Wickliff Courtney II 
Cynthia Slaughter Duffus 
Elizabeth A. Brooks Ferguson 
Victor Curtiss Hailey 
Richard Truett Houser III 
Michael Walker Hurst 
Michael Alan Katschke 
Suzanne Evelyn Katschke 
William Jonathan Keith 
Robert Allan McCaslin 
James Daniel McDonald 
Judy Lane Morris 
Beverly Ann Patterson 
Eric Turner Ryniker 
Anne Elizabeth Schnaare 
Susan Woodward Springer 
Joyce Ann Willard-Williford 


Ruth Mayeux Allen 
John Garang Awan 
Haynes McCrary Burnett 
Emmanuel Charles Bwatta 
Halcott Richardson Carter 
Scott Eugene Little 
Rebecca Crumpler Mathis 
Kagelelo Mphetolang 
Christopher Jude Rusk 
Sallie R. Sales 
Carol Avery Sampson 


Joel Warren Huffstetler 
Richard T. Lawson III 
Jacque Gretchen Steubbel 
Timothy Keith Vance 


Susan Kay Oldfather 
Robert W. Schlismann 
Eric Arthur Stelle 
Suzanne M. Warner 


Kyle Vernon Bennett 
Robert Durning Field 
Thomas Kevin Higgs 
Kip Zane Laxson 
Jerrilee Parker Lewallen 
John Daniel Russell, Jr. 
Gerald Sevick 
Richard Lane Stryker III 


4 " ^i^Mv /f-Jfcpfifl 


^mSkR. „ 

^^^^H H^^^^^^^^^^Bi 

W In 



DuBose Dinner & Dance 

-^ 'Mm 







V ^ 

& jp 

•^|B *j2# 





Sending off our Seniors 




LBii II I Mil 
■fl 1 ■ /^W>" 

f f 5ip4L 

^B ^. 







u > " 

4 # 

- rCC* 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach: Bubba Smith 
Assistant Coach: Josh Gibson 

Ben Purrsell 

Boo Parson 

Casey Berry 

Bradley Pierson 

Eric Schneider 

Kav Spivey 

Kenton Coleman 

Trent Williams 

Zack Mulligan 

Alex Irwin 

Sam Martin 

Garrett Hollingsworth 

Jeremy Simpson 

Women's Basketball 

Head Coach: Dickie McCarthy 
Assistant Coach: Amber George 

Claire Elliot 

Kelly Morrison 

Alex Ginsburg 

Rachel Miller 

Carla Smiley 

Logan Miller 

Anne Wills 

Virginia Zakas 

Jamie Robinson 

Mary Smiley 

Lauren Gulley 

Danielle Kabbes 

Linsie Weisman 

Equestrian Team 

Coach: Megan Taylor 

Ellie Adams 
Hunter Bratton 

Will Burns 

Molly Carpenter 

Mary Emily Christiansen 

Blythe Comegys 

Martha Cook 

Katie Coz 

Sarah Hope de Mayo 

Ketherine Dross 

Mary Michael Forrester 

Margater Anne Gray 

Eszter Gyori 

Karrie Ann Kelley 

Eleanor Kibler 

Sarah Long 

Laura Lucas 

Geoff Marolda 

Lindsay Maxwell 

Bethany Moats 

Whitney Myers 


Veronica Phillips 

Eliza Philpott 

Axton Reilly 

Stina Renvell 

Ansley Riedel 

Victoria Salekin 

Olivia Shubert 

Grayson Stadler 

Samantha Strouss 

Erica Teasley 

Isabel Vandeventer 

Heather Walsh 

Elizabeth West 

Caroline Willis 

Ellen Yungmeyer 

Field Hockey 

Coach: Jennifer Baldaccini 

Julie Wilson 

Hope Johnson 

Mo Baptiste 

Clare Ashburn 

Jennifer Caldwell 

Elise Landau 

Lynn Hancock 

Claiborne Buckingham 

Carly Grimm 

Caroline Carlin 

Taylor Skeen 

Caitlin McNaughton 

Elizabeth Wilber 

Liza Ketcham 

Ann Thomasson 

Clarkie Crawford 

Emily Detmer 

Men's Cross Country 

Head Coach: Jeff Heitzenrater 

Assistant Coaches: Josh Gibson, Seth Olson 

Will Cowan 

Rex Davis 

Brian Easley 

John Gilmer 

Chris Haque 

Preston Lennon 

Drew Mather 

James McGee 

Colin McWhirt 

Will Mohr 

Brenden Monks 

Patrick Platzer 

Benedyct Pleszcynski 

John Roberts 

Marshall Williams 

Women's Cross Country 

Head Coach: Jeff Heitzenrater 

Assistant Coaches: Josh Gibson, Seth Olson 

Adrian Ash 

Molly Bernhard 

Chessie Macrae 

Genevieve Melcher 

Hayley Robb 

Jordan Rose 

Maureen Russell 

Allison Sherberger 

Heather Thacker 

Kendra Tippens 

Nancy York 


Coach: Robert Black 
Defensive Coordinator: Adam Caine 
Assistant Coach: Adrian Norris 
Assistant Coach: Josh Taylor 
Assistant Coach: Adam Caine 

Peter Spring 
oidrew Gould 

Basil Wilson 
Sen Cleveland 
Zac Atkins 
Orient Hobbs 
David Craig 
Jruce Bentley 
rhris Murphy 
ake Satterfield 
iill Dearybury 
Tucker Kass 
^ate McNeilly 
atrick Shelton 
jraham Jones 
onald Douglas 
axton Redeagle 
Stuart Rast 
ryler Brantley 
uentin Fletcher 
Zeke Wilson 
Danny Speake 
harles Lapeyre 
Matt Moore 
lalankis Brown 
Jas Rader 

Clayton Harrison 

Trey Reliford 

Joseph Chambers 

Blake Crozier 

Johnson Jeffers 

Charles Thaddeus 

Will Turner 

John Thomas 

Michael Boiler 

Andrew Walters 

Luke Caliguire 

Sawyer Green 

Luke Bentley 

Alfonza Knight 

Henry Johnson 

Andrew Smith 

Jack Smith 
McHugh David 
Evans Wellborn 
Lane Trompeter 

Justin Smith 

Bruce Frommeyer 

Alex Held 

Preston Stone 


Bestor Ward 

Gary Ray Jr. 

Hutch Hutchings 

Taylor Parker 

Bobby Gerzanick 

David Allen 

David Combs 

Max Jones 

Andrew Taylor 

Ben Scott 

Allen Riley 

Ben Pless 

Zach Smith 

Jared Ashworth 

Jacob Adams 

Mitchell Moorer 

Timothy Rassieur 

Bryan Holladay 

Derrick Hogans 

Brooks Whitehouse 

Andrew Gordon 

Rascoe Dean 

Henry Gass 

Will Law 

Karl Rogers 

Trey Smith 

McLain Still 

Bryant Denison 

Bakari Faulkner 

Geoffrey Marolda 

Jeremy Charater 

Men's Soccer 

Head Coach: David Poggi 
Assistant Coach: Kelly Wolverton 

Johnny N alley 

Matt Hale 

Ben Swann 

Brad Wills 

Matt Lightfoot 

Stuart Maxey 

Jett Fisher 

Mark Meyer 

Patrick Johnson 

Taylor Triplett 

Kai Sanders 

Matt Engle 

Walt Doty 

Jackson Gannaway 

Matt O'Brien 

Sam Koebly 

Bryce Sealande 

Alec Peter 

Henry Kiser 

Will Morgan 

Jordan Rothschild 

Kalain Workman 

Miller Thornbury 

Jeremy Abney 

Stanislav Veselovskyi 

Women's Soccer 

Coach: Dylan Harrison 
Assistant Coach: Emily Pitek 

Jenny Robb 

Hadley Mates 

Elizabeth Constantine 

Cat Ariail 

Audrey Jernigan 

Kabler Colhoun 

Calie Sadler 

Cory Woodworth 

Lacy Morrison 

Lizzie Butler 

Kate Willingham 

Layne Ezzell 

Tory Thomas 

Allison Davis 

Lilly Barnett 

Lizzy Magrath 

Evey Gannaway 

Fritsl Buder 

Elizabeth Walker 

Jessica Goodman 

Virginia Zakas 

Caroline Beitel 

La'Toyia Slay 

Faith Spencer 

Elyse Nichol 

Anna Marchetti 

Kathryn Yort 

Swimming &c Diving 

Head Coach: Max Obermiller 
Assistant Coach: Meredith Novack 

Sarah Barrineau 

Julia Bennett 

Bre Brumby 

Jaime Dickerson 

Julia Heiss 
Kelly Imboden 

Alix Kloster 

Katie Lamonica 

Lindsay Malone 

Madeline Merrill 

Loretta Modica 

Tara Moye 
A.nn Rene Shores 
Mollie Wakefield 

Caitlyn White 

^ranklin Ammons 

Lacy Brakefield 

Julian Davis 

Courtland Day 

Jaime de la Fuente 

Chris Gracey 

Chris Hague 

Will Hatcher 

Forrest Hogsette 

Ryan Holody 

Matt Meeks 

Will Overton 

Hunter Peebles 

Loren Peterson 

John Richards 

Peter Schildknecht 

Ben Shehan 

Joey Steuer 

Drew Zinder 

Men's Tennis 

Coach: John Shackelford 

1 fe 

* < ^ 

1 \ _1 

Charlie Boyd 

AC Cowan 

Eli Gay 

Wyatt Harper 

Jay Hill 

Will Holloway 

Michael House 

Andrew Jolley 

Doug Kinney 

Philip Kuntz 

Jeff Lepley 

Henry Litchfield 

Women's Tennis 

Coach: Conchie Shackelford 



I 1 


A 3 Sj>* 
3*y *«*36^ 


; '-V 


- vv -- / 



- y + 



Jordan Casey 

Kathleen Catherall 

Michelle Flume 

Shannon Logsdon 

Ashley Macon 

Miriam Pate 

Derry Roberson 

Abby Rudd 
Laura Szyperski 

Lucy Taylor 

Devin Tellatin 

Lindsay Wilbur n 


Coach: Joe Dombrowski 

Brittany Roper 
Emily Nicholson 

Kim Conkell 

Mary Beth Epps 

Adrienne Borchardt 

Blair Barrows 

Libby Boddiford 

Sammie Maddox 

Maggie Ruch 

Men's Lacrosse 

Coach: Marty Watters 


■ . - 


. -J.-* 1 -* 

^ . J^ ,"" 



1 ^~ ffl 

-■ . . 

s; " L aBt 

^9k ' 


JKfc^ ^ 

t v iiv!r 

* 'Jfl 

■7 *= «w •$ 

m'<'"':>'''.'i" -'i'M 
■'•'!<''■'! .'(1 


■', m'f '.','■•''• .v'l 

g^ Ih 


■ IK *.* 

■H ^^ ^fl P -' , «-' 


,te : » 

— B 

■r*^ i nii*nm nr 

pry ™ -*- . v . 

■Z — m. — 1 

Jack Thomasson 

Spencer Graves 

Stewart Calder 

Patrick Quinn 

Terrell McWhirter 

Michael Johnson 

Travis Brannon 

Neat Clark 

Jeb Leva 

Matt Councill 

Beau Brooks 

Cliff Landess 

David Shelton 

Brendan Eisenbrandt 

Joe Harris 

Beau Evers 

Jack Duffus 

Hank Gerrity 

Collin Sigler 

Will Finney 

Will Grimes 

Russell Frelinghuysen 

Nate Sell 

Mike Boiler 

Will Law 

Sam Cappleman 

Teddy Peterson 

Andrew Reid 

Alex Falciani 

Mac Berklacich 

Ben Axelrod 

Jack Dolci 

^P N B^ £fek |B5^ * 


Women's Lacrosse 

Coach: Michele Dombrowski 

Assistant Coach: Jennifer Cook Wiegand 

Megan Velie 

Hanna Moran 

Julia Anne McKeachie 

Allison Bland 

Page Carpenter 

Mary Grace Bowring 

Carly Grimm 

Sarah Squire 

Eliza Sholtz 

Steffi Renninger 

Cori Niemann 

Shelby Bartlett 

Molly Farmer 

Glory Beveridge 

Megan Welton 

Eliza Epps 

Catherine Sanders 

Amy Nusbaum 


Coach: Scott Baker 

Assistant Coach: Adrian Norris 

Tyler Merck 

Austin Stephenson 

Taylor Irwin 

Thomas Pillow 

Mac McCallum 

Trey Axe 

Andrew Rowan 

Taylor Burns 

Logan Ray 

Joe Reilly 

Ryne Sullivan 

Chris Mauro 

Will Farley 

Connor Liston 

Pete Anderson 

Scott Willis 

Bryant Denison 

Franklin Pogue 

Peter Burd 

Rascoe Dean 

Taylor Barrett 

Wilson Nealy 

George Shea 

Bruce Frommeyer 

Andrew Bradshaw 

Stephen Corcoran 

Greg Bartleski 


Coach: Amber George 
Assistant Coach: Emily Pitek 



T \ r ' \ T 

■r ** *^S i 

L" A** 


1 *^- "^ ^ 

U11W I*** I 

fWfc f 

1 ' ~^m « I 

Jk JM^ JBt 

- - 

Brandi Moore 

Carly Warfield 

Audrey Jernigan 

Courtney Hinkle 

Erin Polena 

Regan Rau 

Deanna Gonzalez 

Brittany Shere 

Inez Anders 

Morgan Cannon 

Men's Golf 

Coach: Hank McClung 

Brent Alley 

Chris Beveridge 

Alex Coe 

Neil Dyer 

Patrick Green 

Alex Irwin 

Jacob Johnson 

Robert Osburne 

Clark Richardson 

Will Stanley 

Martin Tilson 

Warner Watkins 

Women's Golf 

Coach: Nancy Ladd 

Hfit ^ 1 iH^ 

■ Mat W 



&\ E\. 

i« A M 4Hi 

1 1 




j^B 1 

Blair Barrows 

Blair Brown 

Lauren Gould 

Brittany McCall 

Track & Field 

Head Track and Field Coach / Cross Country Coach: Jeff Heitzenrater 
Assistant Track and Field Coach: Joe Dombrowski 
Assistant Track and Field Coach: Adam Caine 
Head Field Hockey Coach: Jennifer Baldaccini 
Asst. Cross Country Coach: Seth Olson 

Jacob Adams 

halankis Brown 

eremy Character 

Tyler Cooney 

Will Cowan 

Rex Davis 

Bill Dearybury 

Ronald Douglas 

Brian Easley 

^uentin Fletcher 

John Gilmer 

Chris Hague 

Joe Harrington 




Preston Lennon 

Allan Long 
James McGee 

Will Mohr 

Tim Moore 

Mitchell Moorer 

Patrick Platzer 

Bexter Richardson 

Drew Smith 

Andrew Taylor 

John Ugorji 

Marshall Williams 

Jourdan Cooney 

Sarah Fried 

Chessie Macrae 

Danielle Mclntyre 

Leisha Meade 

La'Toyia Slay 

Keira Stockdale 

Kendra Tippens 

Rachel Watson 

Nancy York 

f B^^^3 

i ^V- 



* 7v 

- J* 



? C 

* 4 

Alpha Delta Theta 

$S*mk r ^ 

Christina Aga, Alysia Belle, Aly Bolton, Chrisitne Bouchard, Breland Brumby, Leandra Burke, Mega 
Brunham, Sarah Cardwell, Margaret Carpenter, Darden Carroll, Erin Castleberry, Ashley Clay, Lily 
Colpitts, Catherine Couey, Caroline Covington, Kimberly Coyle, Tiffany Davidson, Sarah Jane Dunr 
Rankin, Jennifer Dusenberry, Elizabeth Eppes, Elizabeth Gibert, Catharine Gwaltney, Corin Harpe 
Katelin Hawkins, Sarah Henderson, Jessica Hines, Joan Ingles, Whitney Johnson, Anna Jones, 
Katherine Jones, Selena Landers, Lindsay Lanois, Andrea Ligon, Ashley Lytle, Lauren Maggart, 
Amelia Maxham, Kerrie McCotter, Rebecca McDonald, Leisha Meade, Genevieve Melcher, Elizabet 
Mischke, Alexandra Namer, Karen Olsen, Mary Parham, Hillary Phillips, Sarah Pinson, Ashley Porte 
Ashley Riedel, Hailey Robison, Brittany Roper, Nancy Royer, Alfire Sadik, Keira Stockdale Whitne) 
Turner, Sarah Walker, Rebecca Wells, Brittany Williams, Jessica Wyrick, Magdalena Yarbrough, 
Laura Zwicker, Katherine Barnes, Lauren Butcher, Jourdan Cooney, Hailey Corapi, Mary Gray, Emo 
Habshey, Tiffany Kanjanabout, Loretta Modica, Anne Taliaferro 



Founded in the spring of 1979, Alpha 

Delta Theta is one of the most diverse 

and active organizations at The 

University of the South. Founded on the 

basis of service to both the University and 

the community, the sorority strives to 

realize these goals as extensively as 

possible while encouraging each sister to 

excel academically, spiritually, and 

socially in her four years at Sewanee. 

Alpha Tau Omega 

David Adams, James Bryan, Robert Burns, William Carey, John Cobb, Michael Conklir 
Matt Engle, Robert Fitzgerald, Bruce Frommeyer, Thomas Gibbs, William harrison, Ni< 

Hodson, Taylor Irwin, Johnson Jeffers, David Jennings, Jacob Johnson, Maclellan 

Johnson, Henry Kiser, Jonathon Klabunde, Samuel Koebley, Matt Lafferman, Hamptor 

Mauzy, Parker Mothershead, Matt O'Brien, Joseph O'Neill, Andrew Parker, Benjamin 

Pless, Patrick Shelton, Jonathon Taylor, Matt Von Lunen, Richard Willis, Brad Wills, 

Kalain Workman, Corbin Allen, Benjamin Cleveland, Andrew Gordon, James Held, 

William Hutchings, Maxwell Jones, William Law, Matt Lightfoot, Connor Liston, 

William Matson, Robert Merck, Mark Meyer, Alexander Peter, Andrew Smith, Peter 

Spring, Walter Wellborn, Thomas Whitmire, Ezekial Wilson. 



The Alpha Tau Omega Tennessee Omega Chapter 

was established at The University of the South in 1877 

as the first Fraternity at Sewanee. Alpha Tau Omega 

binds men together in a brotherhood based upon 

eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong 

as right itself. Alpha Tau Omega teaches that true men 

the world over should stand together and contend for 

supremacy of good over evil, teach not politics, but 

morals, foster not partisanship, but the recognition of 

true merit wherever found, have no narrower limits 

within which to works together for the elevation of 

man than the outlines of the world: these were the 

thoughts and hopes in the minds of the founders of the 

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 

Alpha Tau Zeta 

Lillian Anderson, Jessica Barber, Jenessa Casey, Rikki I 
Crowder, Leila Donn, Samantha Dotson, Emily Eastridge, 
Lauren Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Lust, Jeri Meador, Sarah 
Owens, Rosemary Paeltz Emily Simpson, Jenae Spader, 

Amanda Kline 



Alpha Tau Zeta is one of the 
younger sororities on the mountain. 

In March 1987, three first-year 

women realized the need for an 
intentionally smaller sorority so that 

the bonds of sisterhood could be 
strong and life lasting. The sisters of 

Alpha Tau Zeta are a close knit 

group with real concern and caring 

for one antoher. 

Beta Theta Pi 

Craig Bennet, Daniel Church, Albert Clairmont, Michael Corliss, 
Andrew Cotten, Clifton Cowan, Mark Frye, Christopher Gamble, Johi 

Guin, Alexander Harris, Joseph Hedges, Wilson Heflin, Bryan 
Holladay, Nicholas Hull, Jared Knight, John Lewis, Thomas Maddux, 
Thomas Mckee, Colin McWhirt, Raymond Pappas, Mozianio Reliforc 
Bexter Richardson, Benjamin Rust, Robert Shaul, John Sillay, Edward 

Waters, Colin Wilhelm, Robert Wisnewski, Matthew Woodard, 

Spencer Abies, William Condon, Rhea Hyatt, Curt-Olof Lindstrom, 

Breckenridge Pappas, Patrick Platzer, William Stanley, Tyler Wright 




K^t^^ML Inn 

m^ 1 

5?r* ^ 

^^^■V ^^^^M 


Beta Theta Pi was founded in 1839 at 
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The 
Gamma Chi Chapter was established at 

Sewanee in 1949. Beta Theta Pi is 

dedcated to building men of principle for 

a principled life. Our brotherhood aids 

the individual, builds the Fraternity, and 

strengthens the host academic instituion 

through lifelong devotion to intellectual 

excellence, high standards of moral 

conduct, and responsible citizenship. 

Chi Psi 

James Ammons, Peter Anderson, Joseph Appleyard, John Armistead, 
Charles Boyd, William Brakefield, John Brantley, John Bratton, Ethan 
Bucholz, Trevor Burton, John Clark, Benjamin Craft, John Grasser, 
Robert Griffith, William Hatcher, Forrest Hogsette, Allan Ivie, Evan 
Judge, Jeffrey Larsen, Jeff Lepley, Allan Long, Christopher Mauro, 
Matthew Meeks, David Middendorf, Benjamin Miller, John- 
Christopher Ogden, Joseph Steuer, Matthew Stringer, Tyler Williams. 
William Burns, Jaime de la Fuente, Richard Firth, John Holody, John 
Richards, Peter Schildknecht, Ryne Sullivan 



The mission of Chi Psi Fraternity 

is to create and maintain an 

enduring society that stimulates 

intellectual, ethical, and social 

growth and encourages the sharing 
of traditions and values. In this 
pursuit, Chi Psi will encourage 

leadership, respect for oneself and 
others, and responsibility to the 
University and the community. 


Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Emerson Badgett, Daniel Barnes, David Combs, Ian Gray, 
Eric Neilson, James Riley, Benjamin Shehan, Wallace Still. 
Basil Wilson, Majors Badgett, Ean Darwin, Nels Oscar, 
Andrew Patty, Hunter Peebles, Braxton Redeagle I 



Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale in 1844, and the Tau Delta 

Chapter at Sewanee in 1969. The objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon are 

he cultivation of general literature and social culture, the advancement 

and encouragement of intellectual excellence, the promotion of 

honorable friendship and useful citizenship, the maintenance of 

gentlemanly dignity, self-respect, and morality in all circumstances, 

md the union of stout hearts and kindred interests to secure the merit 

its due reward. 


Delta Tau Delta 

Anupam Adhikari, William Cherry, Guy Cooper, Joseph 

Geisen, Benjamin Johnson, James Leonard, Matthew 

McGraw, Nathaniel Morales, William O'Farrell, Charles 

Peel, Benjamin Pursell, Alexander Taylor, Marshall I 

Williams, Michael Wurzel, Christian Esquivel, Andrew 

Gould, Dalton Richter, Michael Settle 



Delta Tau Delta was founded in 

1859, and the Beta Theta 

Chapter was established in 1883. 

The mission and values of the 

Fraternity are a public 

representation of our core values 

contained within our ritual. Our 

mission is simple but 

straightforward, "Committed to 

Lives of Excellence." We as a 

Fraternity are dedicated to 

helping men achieve this level of 

excellence in their own lives. 


Gamma Sigma Phi 

Samuel Allen, Timothy Moore, Christopher Murphy, 
Charles Neely, Eric Schneider, Zachary Smith, Daniel 

Trompeter, Ronald Douglas. 





Wk^F ^^B ■ 

H 4 *r <n|Ap 


^V ^^^^^».^r 

\^" 1 





^H P^ ' A 

The men of Gamma Sigma Phi were brought 

together with the goal of uniting a group of 

men dedicated to excellence in all its endeavors. 

Gamma Sigma Phi was founded in 1999 as a 

local fraternity. It encourages its members to 

participate in extra-curricular and social 

activities. Gamma men volunteer for 

community service projectss, compete in 

intramural athletics, serve as members of the 

Residential Life staff, Student Assembly, 

Order of Gownsmen, and also help to 

coordinate events such as the many activities of 

Black History Month. 

Gamma Tau Upsilon 

Katrina Boniewski, Eleanor Carboneau, Kristy Collins, 

Samantha Gribben, Danbee Kim, Emily Nielson, Diana 

Patterson, Marie Wilson, Margaret Day, Elizabeth Henry, 

Sarah Long, Brittany Shere 



& r 


Gamma Tau Upsilon was founded 

by five women in the spring of 1978 

as the second sorority at The 

University of the South, the 

founding mothers wanted to create 

an open minded and accepting social 

organization that treasured the 

individuality and potential of each of 

its members. 

Kappa Alpha Order 

Paul Adams, William Avery, Albert Axe, Gregory Bartleski, Bruce Bentley, Casey Berry, William 
Brawley, John Brooks, James Burchfield, Alexander Butler, Hudson Byrd, James Callis, JOhn Cochrar 

Daniel Coe, Miller Cornelson, Rascoe Dean, Roddey Dowd, Adam Duncan, Henry Gass, Daniel 
Gottwald, Carl Gray, William Grimes, William Grundy, William Hodge, Garret Hollingsworth, Walt 
Jarrett, Walter Johnson, Edward Kegan, William Kegan, Thomas Kibler, James Leve, Baker Mann, 
Michael Mansfield, Douglas McCallum, Edward McNeilly, William McWhirter, John Milam, Matt 
Moore, Zachary Mulligan, William Murphy, Stephen Ortega, John Page, Goerge Payne, Theodore 
Peterson, Philip Powell, John rast, Joseph Reilly, Eric Riddell, Allen Riley, Scott Roark, David Robinsc 
Roy Smart, Ross Smith, Charles Spurlock, Jackson Tucker, Joel Tupper, William Turner, Joespeh Vica 
John Walker, Robert Williams, John Williamson, Emerson Wolfe, William Adams, Luke Bentley, 
Warren Cook, Thomas Dyer, Russell Frelinghuysen, Edward Graves, Joespeh Harris, JOhn Hutcheso: 
Alexander Irwin, Graham Jones, Stuart Maxley, Wilson Nealy, Timothy Rassieur, Samuel Robinson, 

George Shea, Thomas Walters. 



The Kappa Alpha Order was established 
at Washington and Lee University in 
Lexington, Virginia on December 21, 

1865. Alpha Alpha Chapter was 

established on the mountain over one 

hundred years ago on December 1, 1883. 

Kappa Alpha Order seeks to create a 

lifetime experience which centers on 

reverence to God, duty, honor, character, 

and gentlemanly conduct as inspired by 

Robert E. Lee, our spiritual founder. 

Kappa Delta 


Elizabeth Austin, Rebekah Bennett, Mallory Brink, Thao Bui, Sarah Clark, 

Elizabeth Cooper, Caitlin Cutchin, Kathryn Deppe, Natalee Erb, Xela Farkas, 

Kelly Fisk, Tiffany Fowler, Gillian Gaetano, Lauren Goforth, Natalie 

Haymond, Megan Hua, Laura Logan, Elizabeth Jacobs, Alexandra May, 

Caroline McNair, Melissa Moore, Whitney Myers, Emily Mcgranahan, Porter 

Jennings, Elizabeth Parks, Natalie Pham, Jessica Pitcher, Kristen Reinberger, 

Caitlin Rogers, Erin Rankin, Allison Slocum, Tamra Stegall, Andrea Stewart, 

Bevin Williams, Elizabeth Boddiford, Mary Christiansen, Martha Cook, 

Allison Deppe, Catherine Lambert, Lilliam Lawson, Caroline Lindemuth, Lon 

Marlow, Mary McAfee, Jordan Ruester, Emily Stieben, Sarah Sullivan, Sara 




'Mi ^>I<*>>>! • ■- < V< 

,»5>^!L^^.»♦.^♦,,' , ' » * * 

Kappa Delta Sorority was founded 

in 1897 and was established at 

Sewanee in 2002. The purpose of 

Kappa Delta Sorority is to promote 

true friendship among the college 

girls of our country by inculcating 

into their hearts and lives those 

principles of truth, of honor, of duty, 

without which there can be no true 


Kappa Omega 

Colby Adams, Carolina Armstrong, Carrie Barfield, Chelsey Barry, Lucy Bingham, Daisey Blom, 

Jennifer Caldwell, Morgan Cannon, Lexie Conduff, Kathryn Coz, Marguerite de Haseth, Emily 

Detmer, Cassie Dixon, Julia Everist, Laura Elizabeth Faison, Emily Feitl, Lauren Goegette, Julia 

Heiss, Audrey Jernigan, Madeleine King, Katherine Lemonica, Kathleen LeBlond, Sarah Lillibridge, 

Kelsey Manley, Hadley Mates, Mary McQuiston, Madeline Merrill, Christina Moradian, Victoria 

Nettleton, Catherine Outten, Eliza Philpott, Leigh Pickett, Mahala Pruitt, Kelcy Puis, Hallie 

Ragsdale, Kathryn Rogers, Mary Sadler, Elizabeth Shortridge, La'toyia Slay, Kailee Small, Sara Smith 

Makena Timmins, Elizabeth Vance, Mollie Wakefield, Rachel Watson, Alexandra White, Elizabeth 

Wilber, Elisabeth Williamson, Elizabeth Young, Megan Barry, Catherine Bartenstein, Blair Brown, 

Avery Bullock, Courtney Hinkle, Alix Kloster, Rebecca Lehman, Lindsay Malone, Jenny McCaslin, 

Elyse Nichol, Amy Nusbaum, Megan O'Roark, Julia Patton, Erin Polena, Analesa Pollock, Regan Rai 

Laura Rodriquez, Sarah Smith, Samantha Strouss, Margaret Vu, Heather Walsh, Megan Welton 



Kappa Omega was founded in 1999 on the 

principles of relaxed social interation, exposure 

to new experiences, dedication to social 

awareness, and respect for all individuals. A 

diverse group of women, Kappa Omegas 

participate in a variety of extracurricular 

activities including dorm staff, varsity athletics, 

Program Board and many other organizations. 

Not only are we committed to the personal 

growth of each member, but our extended 

interaction with the Sewanee communitv 


marks our active interest with our surrounding 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Nathan Batey, William Blackerby, Joel Blackstock, Nathaniel Bourne, Michael 

Brady, Ardun Butler, James Carter, Jeffrey Christopher, Christopher 

Clinkscales, Tinothy Cobb, David Cousins, Jordan Craig, Groves Dixon, 

Matthew Doster, William Gilbert, Simon Gooch, David Hardage, Andrew 

Hawkins, Ian Hill, Andrew Hunter, Josiah Hutton, Richard Jennings, Abram 

Jones, Joseph Leray, David Matthews, Daniel McCoy, Daniel McKelvey, 

Robert Parker, Christopher Poole, Donald Preuss, Samuel Sanderson, Sanuel 

Sheridan, Henderson Tozer, Michael Haywood, Cameron Jefts. 



The Iota Nu Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha 

was formed when Sewanee's maverick local 

fraternity Upsilon Sigma went national in 

1963. The first Sewanee Lambda Chi Alpha 

believed that creativity, respect, and 

individualism were principle pillars of strong 

brotherhood. This is a unique tradition the 

current brothers proudly uphold. The Lambda 

Chi Alphas are a diverse group, and we 

consider this an asset. Standing together as 

brothers, we are committed to excellence and 


Phi Gamma Delta 

Cameron Bell, Marshall Benson, Edwin Byrd, Matthew Council, 
Emmitt DuBose, William Farley, Parker Graham, George Gunn, Allei 
Jamerson, William King, Phillip Kuntz, Forbes Mann, Andrew Mathei 

Michael Morrow, Stephen Peters, Phillip Redding, Axton Reilly, 
Edward Robinson, Jospeh Schulte, Michael Sheedy, Austin Stephansoi 
Allen Tate, Bryant Denison, Brian Easley, John Gilmer, Thomas Hofi 

James Lennon, William McCullough, Thomas Neely, Peter Vu. 



Phi Gamma Delta is not simply a social club. 

We thrive on brotherhood and interaction. We 
stress the importance of academics. We build 

true friendships. The Fraternity of Phi Gamma 

Delta was formed in 1848 at Jefferson College 
and in 1919 at Sewanee on the motto 

"Friendship, the sweetest influence." Internally, 

we have forged a solid core of unity, for each 

member knows that he can count on all of his 

brothers at any time. Externally, Fijis can be 

found in most aspects of Sewanee life. 

The Phi Society of 1883 

Cody Averbeck, William Brown, Richard Clark, David Craig, William Cram, 

Robert Daniels, John Dolci, Frank Evers, Alexander Falciani, Andrew 
Gannaway, Henry Gerrity, Jordan Hall, Jacob Harper, Warren Idsal, Patrick 
Johnson, Edward Keithly, Charles Kramer, Charles Lepayre, James Lum, Adar 

Mentzer, John Newton, Phillip Price, Logan Ray, Andrew Rowan, Robert 
Stith, Brendan Eisenbrandt, Henry Farley, Charles Jessee, John Lockett, Robei 
McCalister, Dylan Orlady, Nicholas Piatt, Patrick Quinn, Murphy Sayre, 

Andrew Sigler, Richard Walker 



The Phi Society 

of 1883 is a local 

fraternity. It was 

formerly Phi 

Delta Theta 


Phi Kappa Epsilon 

Cat Ariail, Emma Armstrong, Adrian Ash, Anna Baker, Sarah Baker, Sarah Barrineau, Caroline Beite 

Cary Benton, Molly Bernhard, Kirkland Bible, Cathy Bryson, Laurence Chenery, Liz Childers, Mar) 

Clark, Kathryn Cochran, Chelsea Corbett, Lizzie Corey, Claire Crapo, Ceci Creagh, Ellen Davis, Clai 

DeBow, Maggy Deiters, Kat Dembergh, Lo DiFiore, Sarah Donnell, Hannah Drinkard, Mary Beth 

Epps, Griffin Fry, Lindsey Garmer, Arden Grady, Margaret Anne Gray, Molly Green, Lauren Gullej 

Julianne Harris, Sara Hildebrand, Kara Holcomb, Meredith Hoover, Kelly Imboden, Meg Jackson, 

Devin Johnson, Houston Johnson, Jear Jujaroen, Grace King, Frances Knox, Zoey Kortz, Rachel Kravii 

Hayley Lawrance, Danielle Llan de Rosos, Sara Luce, Emily Luethke, Catie Lynch, Chessie MacRae 

Erin Madden, Lizzy Magrath, Annie Maselli, Becky McCann, Elizabeth Miller, Elizabeth Minchew 

Catriona Morrison, Charlotte Myers, Emily Noggle, Melissa Ortkiese, Kate Phinney, Meghan Plumrm 

Hayley Robb, Jenny Robb, Deny Roberson, Liz Rogers, Maureen Russell, Allison Scherberger, Jenni 

Scott, Katie St. John, Katherine Stewart, Annie Stuart, Laura Szyperski, Lucy Taylor, Emily Thorntoi 

Jane Tingley, Ashley Van Der Lande, Chris Vaughan, Anne Marie Vaughn, Cate Vierling, Lee 

Waggoman, Elizabeth Wellen, Laura Wertz, Caroline Willis, Natalie Wilson, Mary Kennon Woodso: 

Amanda Yacko, Ellen Yungmeyer, Blair Barrows, Alexis Blair, Cortney Booth, Chetna Chandrasekara 

Sarah Colhoun, Katherine Dross, Claire Elliott, Katharine Freeman, Jessica Goodman, Grace Greenwc 

Kristin Hanson, Joyce Kuik, Maggie Lines, Stephanie Lynch, Quersten McDonald, Anne McEntire, 

Elizabeth Myers, Esther Na, Alice Nix, Sloane Previdi, Rhett Reeves, Katherine Rogers, Natalie I 

Rothwell, Maggie Ruch, Carrie Ryan, Catherine Sherer, Elizabeth Walker, Jessie Weinmann, Virgin^ 




Phi Kappa Epsilon Sorority was founded in 

1980 and has grown to become on of the 

largest sororities at Sewanee. Phi Kapps 

participate in a range of activites including 

Residential Life, the Order of Gownsmen, the 

Sewanee Outing Program, Young Life, and 

varisty athletics. Community service is a key 

component of PKE as it commits to such 

projects as Big People for Little People, Blue 

Monarch, and outreach trips. The Phi Kappa 

Epsilon sorority is made up of versatile, active, 

and caring women who are particularly noted 

for their leadership roles on campus. 

Phi Sigma Theta 

Chassidy, Anders, Sarah Cooke, Crystal Coulter-Nava, Theodosia 

Goodard, Shameka Jennings, Marisha Mitchell, Alethea Mobley, Emil] 

Nicholson, Miriam Pate, Ijeoma Anyanwu, Sarah Powell 



Founded in the Fall of 1999, the 

mission of the Ladies of Phi 

Sigma Theta is to promote 

sisterhood among all women. 

Our purpose is to grow and 

mature as a group and as 

individuals in order to become 

productive members of society. 

We desire to become role models 

for other young women. We 

hope to become a symbol of 

responsibility, respect and 

community service. We 

wish to promote cultural 

understanding, unity and 

awareness at the University of 

the South in order to foster 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Douglas Barlow, Travis Brannon, Paul Brooks, William Bryant, Peter 
Burd, Chase Chesser, Charles Davis, Eli Gay, Alexander Hassell, Jay 

Hill, William Holloway, Edward Kameen, Douglas Kinney, Henry 

Litchfield, John N alley, George Oswalt, Palmer Rafferty, John Ruzic, 

Charles Thaddeus, John Tilghman, Taylor Triplett, David Valentine, 

Matthew Valentine, Robert Varner, Robert Willis, John Breckenridge, 

Thomoas Cleary, David Gallagher, Michael Johnson, James Morgan, 

Christopher Perkins, James Porterfield, Thomas Ruthfoord, David 
Shelton, James Singer, Thomas Ward, Collier Williams 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in 
1856, and the Tennessee Omega chapter 
was established in 1881 at the University 


of the South. The mission of Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest 

standards of friendship, scholarship, and 

service for our members based upon the 

ideals set forth by our founders and as 

specifically enunciated in our creed. 

Sigma Nu 

Charles Alvis, Paul Ashey, John Ashley, Wilson Bonner, James Brown, 

Charles Byars, Forrest Burnson, Stewart Calder, Steven Casey, David 

Caughran, Robert Childers, Brendan Drewniany, James Goodgame, 

John Henslee, Samuel Johnson, Francis Lynch, Andrew Malone, John 

McCutcheon, Samuel McPherson, Malcolm Means, Philip Moody, 

Mac Moorer, Robert Osborne, Channing Rennie, Alexander Ucci, 

David Walker, Mark Wicker, Brayn Williams, Peter Yerkovich, 

Benjamin Axelrod, William Bell, Wilmar Pabon, Kyle Slaughter. 



Sigma Nu was founded in 1869, and the 

Beta Omicron chapter was established in 

1889 at the University of the South. The 

vision of Sigma Nu is excelling with 

honor. The mission of Sigma Nu is to 

develop ethical leaders inspired by the 

principles of love, honor, and truth; to 

foster the personal growth of each man's 

mind, heart, and character; and to 

perpetuate lifelong friendships and 

commitment to the Fraternity. 

Theta Kappa Phi 

Elinor Adams, Clare Ashburn, Maureen Baptiste, Mary Bartholomew, Abigail Becic, Emily Beeson, 

Elise Benjamin, Kelsay Best, Harrison Blackford, Avery Blackwell, Allison Bland, Sally Breeden, Kriste 

Brennan, Katherine Brush, Claiborne Buckingham, Mary Clarke, Melonye Cleveland, Margaret Clinar 

Anne Cole, Margaret Compton, Katelyn Conner, Elizabeth Crawford, Caroline Dashiell, Elizabeth 

Davis, Sarah deMayo, Rebecca Dickson, Deirdre Ehret, Cecelia Ey, Emily Ey, Emily Finch, Hannah 

Ford, Catherine Frampton, Anne Gibbons, Eugenie Grevemberg, Morgan Guritz, Sally Haar, Carolin 

Hale, Lynn Hancock, Zoe Haner, Katherine Hanlan, Mary Haugh, Laura Hendrickson, Emma 

Hennessy, Mary Hinkle, Ashley Holbrook, Jane Humphreys, Rebecca Isaacs, Katherine Izard, Hope 

Johnson, Katherine Jortner, Rebecca Kasper, Ann Kennedy, Elizbaeth Ketcham, Eleanor Kibler, Katy 

Kilgore, Laura LaMonica, Ellen Logan, Shannon Logsdon, Sarah Mangum, Brittany McCall, Kerry 

McCaslin, Elizabeth McCleskey, Elizabeth McDonald, Julia McKeachie, Kyndall McKemie, Johanna 

McManus, Caitlin McNaughton, Kathryn McWhirter, Sallie Milam, Rachel Miller, Madison Murray 

Martha N alley, Caroline Osborne, Frances Parkinson, Mayson Peerson, Amanda Peterkin, Kathleen 

Presley, Lauren Pritchard, Steggi Renningar, Alicia Repeczky, Eloise Repeczky, Zandra Ribas, Carolin 

Richards, Virginia Roach, Elizabeth Roark, Reem Sadik, Caroline Sadley, Frances Skeen, Charlotte 

Stouffer, Caroline Tanner, Victoria Thomas, Ann Thomasson, Mallory Thompson, Victoria Timmons 

Margaret von Werssowetz, Mary Watson, Kara Widmer, Alexis Williams, Julia Wilson, Anneka Wiske 

Rebecca Wren, Lillian Barnett, Shelby Bartlett, Gloria Beveridge, Rachel Bland, Elizabeth Bonner, 

Carolyn Bories, Mary Bowring, Charlotte Bryant, Margaret Carpenter, Kathleen Crowley, Francoise D 

Saint Phalle, Layne Ezzell, Margaret Garrett, Elizabeth Gheorghita, Lauren Gould, Margaret Haley, 

Anna Marchetti, Virginia Stuart Milton, Kelly OMara, Anne Rogers, Jordan Rose, Frances Saalfield,| 

Faith Spencer, Sarah Squire, Seely Stephenson, Sarah Stewart, Meghan Stuart, Devin Tellatin, Isabel 

Vandeventer, Julianna White 



In the spring of 1977, the first sorority at Sewanee was 

founded. The name of this sorority is Theta Kappa Phi 

and its purpose is to bring together women of the 

college for social interaction and participation in the 

community while always upholding the traditional 

goals and ideals of the University of the South. Theta 

Kappa Phi takes pride in the many facets of university 

life in which our members are involved, which range 

from varsity sports to the student government. The 

variety of activities in which our members participate 

reflects the individuality our group strives for while 

always remaining a unified group. 

•jk- - £& jS^^K^^^M 

S «l ^9*^^^l 

Bk J 


"Tap ^,i r»^^y AiL- 




Theta Pi 

Caitlin Alderfer, Michaela Anastasio, Mary Baker, Ruth Barber, Ashley Bardet, Lucy Barton, Sydney Bowles, Laura 
Bownes, Mary Margaret Burdett, Caroline Burke, Jacqueline Carr, Kathleen Catherall, Eleanor Claiborne, Catherine 

Cochran, Elizabeth Coker, Callie Combs, Lauren Croasdaile, Sarah Crosby, Mary Frances Dale, Allison Davis, 

Alexandra Diaz, Carson Dougherty, Heather Dunham, Elana Evans, Martha Farmer, Elly Ferrell, Virginia Flowers, 

Victoria Friedman, Elizabeth Frierson, Kathleen Gallagher, Evelyn Gannaway, Katherine Gojkovich, Alexandra 

Grubbs, Sara Guarisco, Isla Hamilton- Short, Mary Harrington, Margaret Hinchey, Melanie Holder, Caroline Holman 

Gertrude Inge, Amy Jackson, Elizabeth Jarow, Emily Jones, Hamilton Keller, Allison King, Elise Landau, Morgan 

Manser, Margaret Matteson, Samantha Maddox, Alexandra Matthews, Leslie Matthews, Lindsay Maxwell, Mary ] 

Mazyck, Catherine McKinney, Ruth McVay, Suzanne Mellinger, Cecily Millen, Hannah Miller, Emma Mittelstadt, 

Brandi Moore, Kelly Morrison, Katherine Moses, Ann Nabers, Paige Nelson, Corinne Niemann, Elizabeth Paal, 

Veronica Phillips, Haley Potts, Kristen Prather, Mary Evelyn Pritchard, Catherine Purdy, Sarah Rainbolt, Emily 

Randolph, Caroline Reeves, Joan Robins, Jamie Robinson, Matney Rolfe, Leigh Ruffin, Laura Schieffler, Johanna I 

Sheesley, Eliza Sholtz, Ann Rene Shores, Grayson Stadler, Madison Suttie, Mary Thomas, Melissa Timbers, Megan 

Velie, Carly Warfield, Elizabeth West, Lindsay Wilburn, Kathryn Willingham, Elizabeth Wilson, Cory Woodworth, 

Chelsea Wyss ^ 



Theta Pi sorority is a well-rounded, fun loving, and 

spirited organization. Founded in the winter of 1979, 

we have grown to become one of the largest and most 

diverse sororities on campu with members hailing from 

all over the country. We pride ourselves on being a 

close knit group whose individual personalities 

combine to create a dynamic collective. Our sororitv 

was founded on the principles of encouraging both 

intellectual and spiritual growth while fostering lasting 

friendships. You will find a Theta Pi in virtually every 

aspect of student life at Sewanee. Theta Pis are active 

in Big People for Little People, Young Life, Habitat 

for Humanity, Cause for Paws, varsity sports, and 

honorary academic societies. 

*«> M 

W' 1 

ir •?-«■ 





H '■Jr 

L V V1 


*r fX-i»*\j 

. -"M 



I ■: 4 

.- ; 



•* . 








V >1 


1 ••- , 






&£***• n: 

■ - *_ -%m 







•*-» ' 










'IT r ,r "i 

■fl ▲ 


m H* ~M y * 

i ' J 



Order of 

Colby Ann Adams 
David Thomas Adams 
Anupam Adhikari 
Christina Ashley Aga 
Charles Berry Alvis 
Jeremie Matthew Amoroso 
Michaela Justine Anastasio 
Peter Francis Anderson 
Catherine Murray Ariail 
John Lucas Armistead IV 
Amy Lynn Arthur 
Paul Andrew Ashey 
Elizabeth Downing Austin 
Cody Allen Averbeck 
William Thomas Larus Avery 
Albert Raymond Axe III 
Jesse Ruth Ayers 
Emerson Ross Badgett 
Maureen Dawn-Ellen Baptiste 
Jessica Suzanne Barber 
Carrie Anne Barfield 
Daniel James Barnes 
Sarah Hatcher Barrineau 
Mary Katherine Bartholomew 
Lucy Anne Barton 
Jennifer Michelle Bassett 
Nathan Ray Batey II 
Karly Dawn Beavers 
Abigail Amy Becic 
Emily Sarah Abbott Beeson 
Cameron Alexander Bell 
Alysia Monique Belle 
Elise Ferriday Benjamin 
Craig Miller Bennett III 
John Cody Bennett 
Rebekah Lee Bennett 
Marshall Scott Benson 
Bruce Edison Bentley III 
Cary Jackson Benton 
Casey Lee Berry 
Nelson Beckett Berry 
Kelsay Evans Best 
Laura Kirkland Bible 
William Thiele Blackerby 
Avery Herron Blackwell 
Aly Margaret Bolton 
William Holt Bostwick 
Nathaniel Francis Bourne 
Sydney Grace Bowles 
Charles Campbell Boyd IV 

Michael Francis Brady 

William Lacy Brakefield IV 

John Tyler Brantley 

John Hunter Bratton 

William Langley Brawley 

Kristen Cromwell Brennan 

Mallory Janine Brink 

John Carpenter Brooks 

Andria Kathleen Broom 

James Todd Brown 

Breland Giles Brumby 

Charles Henry Bryars IV 

Claiborne Stovall Buckingham 

John Robert Bullock 

James Van Burchfield, Jr. 

Benjamin Scott Burgess 

Matthew Paul Burkhalter 

Robert Taylor Burns 

Kristina Helen Burton 

Ardun Zachary Butler 

Leslie Fritsl Butler 

Lauren Elizabeth Byram 

Hudson Thomas Byrd 

Blake Alexander Caldwell 

Laura Vincent Candler 

Morgan Kay Cannon 

Sarah Layne Cardwell 

Margaret Clark Carpenter 

Darden Elizabeth Carroll 

Jordan Marie Casey 

Chetna Chandrasekaran 

Anne Laurence Chenery 

Chase Aaron Chesser 

Robert Tingnal Jones Childers, Jr. 

Daniel Lloyd Church 

Mary Grace Clark 

Sarah Whitmire Clark 

Christopher Andrew Clinkscales 

John Forrest Cobb 

Timothy Ford Cobb 

Catherine Eatherly Cochran 

Kathryn Speier Cochran 

Lawrence Vaughn Thomas Coffey 

Anne Fisher Cole 

Kenton Gray Coleman 

Lily Rice Colpitts 

Callie Meredith Combs 

Rachel Liberty Combs 

Lexie Meghan Conduff 

Katelyn Elizabeth Conner 

Amanda N. Conrad 
Tyler Garrett Cooney 
Elizabeth Darcy Cooper 
Guy Alexander Cooper 
Michael Kevin Corliss 
Andrew Peabody Cotten 
Catherine Greer Couey 
Crystal Aurelia Coulter-Nava 
Jared Sloan Cowan 
Kimberly Caitlin Coyle 
Benjamin Chisum Craft 
John Farrar Cranshaw 
Claire Elizabeth Crapo 
Royal Gene Cravens III 
Cecil Henson Creagh 
Caroline Rose Croom 
Clifford Lemont Crutcher 
Kate Elizabeth Cummings 
Helen Beatrice Dauer 
Tiffany Nicole Davidson 
Allison Pratt Davis 
Charles Bevan Davis 
Elizabeth Grace Davis 
Ellen Elizabeth Davis 
Rex Addison Davis 
Marguerite Suzanne de Haseth 
Rascoe Staples Dean 
Emily Claire DeBow 
Margaret Anderson Deiters 
Benjamin James Derbes 
Jaime Lynn Dickerson 
Rebecca Stuart Dickson 
Cassie Dixon 
Groves Bayne Dixon 
Paul Edward Dixon 
Leila Dolce Donn 
Matthew Thomas Doster 
Samantha Erin Dotson 
Elizabeth Carson Dougherty 
Hannah Elizabeth Drinkard 
Sarah Jane Dunn-Rankin 
Jennifer Lea Dusenberry 
Michael David Ebling 
Elizabeth Anne Edwards 
Elizabeth Lee Epps 
Mary Beth Epps 
Cecelia McGowin Ey 
Elisa Landess Faison 
Laura Elizabeth Faison 
Alexander John Falciani 



ela Talley Farkas 
mily Anne Feitl 
lartha Elizabeth Ferson 
elly Lynn Fisk 
auren Deborah Fitzpatrick 
Hannah Eleanor Ford 
/illiam Lee Forehand III 
ebecca Swanson Fowler 
iffanyjade Fowler 
orey Blaine French 
irah Harriet Fried 
hn Benjamin Fuqua 
tiristopher Nicholas Gamble 
ndrew Jackson Gannaway 
ara Evelyn Gannaway 
iroline Byars Garrett 
enry Markley Gass IV 
ichary Mathias Gerth 
me Randolph Gibbons 
izabeth Anne Gibert 
iristina Elise Gibson 
litlin Elizabeth Gilliam 
itherine Sophia Gojkovich 
ldrew Quinn Gould 
den Elizabeth Grady 
rker Lee Graham 
irl Clifford Howard Gray II 
argaret Anne Gray 
dn Sanders Green 
oily Elizabeth Green 
mantha Michelle Gribben 
larles Cate Grigsby 
illiam Dodge Grundy 
in Caldwell Guin 
iristopher Hathaway Hague 
roline Sevier Hale 
dan Ellis Hall 
nn Worthington Hancock 
therine Elizabeth Hanlan 
vid Scott Hardage 
rin Gregory Harpe 
ratt Eugene Harper IV 
:xander Scott Harris 
ianne Taylor Harris 
iren Chelsey Harris 
lliam Clayton Harrison II 
roline Rhett Hartman 
lliam Singer Hatcher 
le Nelson Hatchett 
thryn Wray Hauch 

Mary Marshall Haugh 

Andrew Steely Hawkins 

Caleb Matthew Hawkins 

Katelin Nicole Hawkins 

Dean Oliver Hayes 

Shannon Yvette Heard 

Joseph Samuel Hedges 

Wilson Carmichael Heflin 

Sarah Elizabeth Henderson 

Emma Park Hennessy 

Sarah Michelle Hicks 

Sara Elise Hildebrand 

Ian Michael Hill 

Jay Thomas Hill 

Margaret Lyons Hinchey 

Jessica Nicole Hines 

Brient Christian Hobbs 

Kara Rose Holcomb 

Melanie Nicole Holder 

Bryan Edward Holladay 

Garrett Hollingsworth 

Meredith Anne Hoover 

Richard Marshall Hubbard 

Benjamin Zimmer Huelskamp 

Nicholas Andrew Hull 

Jane Prather Humphreys 

Sarah Jane Huskey 

Josiah Ewing Hutton III 

Chima Afam Ikwuezunma 

Elizabeth Kelly Imboden 

Gertrude Caroline Inge 

Joan Kathiyn Ingles 

Elspeth Mary Iraki 

Katya Ivanova Ivanova 

Allan Denny Ivie 

Amy Elizabeth Jackson 

Margaret Louise Jackson 

Devin Robert Jacobsen 

Walter Andrew Jarrett 

Johnson Barker Jeffers 

David Moore Jennings 

Porter Fitzhugh Jennings 

Richard Alistair Jennings 

Audrey Bell Jernigan 

Devin Michael Johnson 

Jacob Klingensmith Johnson 

Julie Harper Johnson 

Whitney Grey Johnson 

Anna Ingram Jones 

Katherine Mackenzie-MacBe Jortner 

Jennifer Ladi Juma 
Rebecca Irene Kasper 
Waqas Khalid Keen 
William Henry Calvert Kegan 
Hamilton Elizabeth Keller 
Kathryn Julia Kendrick 
Danbee Mishell Kim 
William Barrington King III 
Grace Atherton King 
Joshua Aaron King 
Henry Sherrer Kiser 
Charles Franklin Kramer 
Karenajia Kwauk 
Matthew Adam Lafferman 
Katherine Leigh Lamonica 
Laura Teresa LaMonica 
Selena Danielle Landers 
Lindsay Dale Lanois 
Haylevjane Lawrance 
Thu Ha Le 
Emilv Diane Lemon 
Joseph Wesley Leray 
John Stuart Lewis 
Sarah Catherine Lillibridge 
Henry Christopher Litchfield 
Danielle Christine Llan de Rosos 
Cong Lu 

Laura Childs Lucas 
Sara Elizabeth Luce 
Emilv Claire Luethke 
Shelbv Jordan Luigs 
Timothv Darvl Luna 
Elisabeth Hastings Lust 
Francis O'Keere Lvnch 
Ashlev Alexandra Lvtle 
Fiona Marie Maldonado 
Andrew Lawrence Malone 
Morgan Brent Manser 
Kara Antoinette Maselli 
David Scott Mathews 
Aglaia Alexandra Matthews 
Leslie Newton Matthews 
Man- Pugh Matthews 
Amelia Berts Maxham 
Alexandra Elizabeth Pern- May 
Man' Marjorie Mazvck 
Michael Weber McBroom 
Rebecca Lvnn McCann 
Elizabeth Lapevre McCleskev 
Sarah Frances McClure 


Order of 

Kerrie Louise McCotter 
John Bates McCutcheon 
Emily Adele McGranahan 
Matthew Edward McGraw 
Julia Anne McKeachie 
Daniel Kevin McKelvey 
Sean Keane McKenzie 
Catherine Moore McKinney 
Meredith Hannah McManus 
Mary Grace McQuiston 
William Terrell McWhirter 
Leisha Rayelle Meade 
Malcolm Noble Means 
Matthew Ethridge Meeks 
Adam Robert Mentzer 
Madeline Bradley Merrill 
Joseph Merriman 
Caitlyn Marie Meyers 
David Bruce Middendorf 
Anna Marie Middleton 
Sallie Wright Milam 
Benjamin Lyn Miller 
Elizabeth Marie Miller 
Hannah Noel Miller 
Melanie Kay Miller 
Rachel Mae Miller 
Sarah Leanne Miller 
Keith Donald Minor 
Elizabeth Lea Mischke 
Marisha Antoinette Mitchell 
Alethea Telene Mobley 
Kayce Marie Mobley 
Brendan Michael Monks 
Jonathan Alan Moody 
Philip Galloway Moody 
Rebecca Rose Mooradian 
Brandi Nichole Moore 
Melissa Ann Moore 
Mac Mitchell Moorer 
Johanna Rose Moran 
Catriona Leslie Morrison 
Kelly Brynn Morrison 
Michael Logan Morrow 
Karimeh Belle Nurah Moukaddem 
Zachary Joseph Mulligan 
Christopher Latrelle Murphy 
Madison Armstrong Murray 
Ann Dunlavy Nabers 
John Gibson Nalley, Jr. 
Alexandra Vivian Namer 

Amy Catherine Nelson 

Matthew Lee Nelson 

Van Thu Nguyen 

Emily de Tarteron Nielsen 

Sarah Katherine Nix 

Kevin Francis Nofi 

Emily Victoria Noggle 

Matthew David O'Brien 

Frances Allie O'Connell 

Joseph Harold O'Neill 

Megan Norton O'Roark 

John-Christophe Knutson Ogden 

Karen Rebecca Olsen 

Stephen George Ortega 

Melissa Manget Ortkiese 

Robert Crum Osborne III 

Caroline Stokes Osborne 

Catherine Rich Outten 

Sarah Tay Owens 

John Colvin Page 

Jia Wern Pan 

Jordan Lee Pardue 

Robert Craig Parker 

Albert Edward Patterson 

Diana Leigh Patterson 

Mayson Gilreath Pearson 

Hillary Anne Phillips 

Kate Crosland Phinney 

Bradley Joseph Pierson 

Sarah Anne Pinson 

Alexandra Pinzon 

Meghan Tear Plummer 

Franklin Joseph Pogue 

Christopher Michael Poole 

Ashley Deanne Porter 

Sarah Elise Powell 

Kristen Lee Prather 

Kathleen Hanks Presley 

Donald Paul Preuss 

Rebecca Jean Price 

Mary Evelyn Pritchard 

Mahala Gabrielle Pruitt 

Catherine Aldridge Purdy 

Benjamin Bradford Pursell 

Yue Qian 

Erin Victoria Rankin 

Logan Neil Ray 

Matthew Lee Reed 

Kristen Avadna Reinberger 

Mozianio Samuel Reliford III 

John Robert Renehan 

Channing Bruce Rennie IV 

Steffi Anne Renninger 

Alicia Marie Repeczky 

Eric Alexander Riddell 

Virginia Boykin Roach 

Hayley Evans Robb 

Jeannette Coupe Robb 

Derrith Alayne Roberson 

Sara Allegra Roberson 

John William Roberts 

Jamie Leigh Robinson 

Hailey Aleisha Robison 

Elizabeth Claire Rogers 

Emily Anne Rogers 

Brittany Laurel Roper 

Jacob Lucien Rouquette 

Nancy Kathleen Royer 

Abby Elizabeth Rudd 

Reem Shaden Sadik 

Mary M. Sadler 

Catherine Barrett Sanders 

Jeremy Hunter Satterwhite 

Allison Reeves Scherberger 

Laura Jean Schieffler 

Eric Richard Schneider 

Jesse Daniel Schupack 

Benjamin Thomas Scott 

John Bryce Sealander 

Nathan Scott Sell 

Jackie Eugene Sharp 

Johanna Moore Sheesley 

Margaret Caroline Shipley 

Eliza Anne Sholtz 

Elizabeth Kindred Shortridge 

Alfire Sidik 

Emily Grace Simpson 

Amber LaTres Singleton 

La'Toyia Jenessa Slay 

Allison Carvill Van Glahn Slocum 

Roy Louis Smart IV 

Max Hylton Smith 

Cari Victoria Snowman 

Charles Floyd Spurlock III 

Catherine Danielle St. John 

Tamra Emerald Stegall 

Andrea Evelyn Stewart 

Katherine Ann Stewart 

Keira Michelle Stockdale 


Lnn Robinson Stuart 

/ladison Brooke Suttie 

ienjamin David Swann 

'hristopher Haldimand Szeto 

alius Ellis Talton III 

uigelica Bette Tassoulas 

dlen Simpson Tate 

dexander Whitford Taylor 

uin Morgan Taylor 

'aul Derrickson Taylor 

Irica Renee Teasley 

indsey Ann Thomas 

4ary Kathryn Thomas 

nn Lillington B. Thomasson 

lallory Dozier Thompson 

>hn Addison Singer Tilghman, Jr. 

lelissa Anderson Timbers 

cquelyn Rebecca Timms 

hristopher Mullins Tipler 

Iary Kendra Tippens 

lien Reed Tomlinson 

lizabeth Anne Tooke 

ekaterina Anatolievna Totskaya 

enderson Wright Tozer 

nna Marie Tracy 

Daniel Lane Trompeter, Jr. 
Whitney Marie Turner 
Eric Manuel Utermohlen 
Ashley Marie Vanderlande 
Christian Epps Vaughan 
Anne Marie Vaughn 
Stanislav Veselovskyi 
Joseph Goode Vicars, Jr. 
Morgan Cate Vierling 
Matthew Robert Von Lunen 
Margaret Rhett von Werssowetz 
Alice Lee Waggoman 
Edward Abry Waters 
Rachel Naomi Watson 
Michelle Hollis Weeks 
Rebecca Blair Wells 
Laura Leigh Wertz 
Elizabeth Cannon West 
Elizabeth Grace West 
Eleanor Barham Whitehurst 
Kristin Dionne Whitely 
Mark Stephen Wicker 
Elizabeth Holladay Wilber 
Alexis Giles Williams 
Brittany Cherelle Williams 

Bryan Philip Williams 
Tyler Ross Williams 
Kathryn Allen Cutts Willingham 
Michael Edward Willis, Jr. 
Richard Prescott Willis 
Anne Wingfield Wills 
Bradley Weldon Wills 
Julia Alexandra Wilson 
Marie Elisabeth Wilson 
Emily Mee Sam Wong 
Matthew Patrick Woodard 
Cory Lynn Woodworth 
Rebecca Middleton Wren 
Thomas Carson Wright 
Michael Anthonv Wurzel 
Jessica Marie Wyrick 
Chelsea Marie Wyss 
Amanda Lindsev Yacko 
Magdalena Justine Yarbrough 
Peter Temple Yerkovich 
Tianjiao Yu 
Sarah Ellen Yungmever 
Ximeng Zhang 
Laura Elizabeth Zwicker 

Sewanee Crew 

Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department 








•*• _-*». - 




^fl i^Lv ^^ 

(f- " ^ 


J^ *" 

Bi^ i— 

// - Fvt 



'TT AJ^rf 


^ ^Sh^ 

^]fsr^\v -jr^ 


m ^ 

<ftf ^* 

■ Ikl £ 


M Br i 


1,88 A- ^v* 


/ M^ 



r^ x 


s ON 

.■ ^^k 


\\ \ 



Rw : '" ^jk 

^B VJTJ^^^I 

fSPQl ffl-n 

%*A\^ II 






^ P r i 

German House 

Honor Council 

Chase Spurlock 

Kit Deppe 

Luke Armistead 

Nathan Batey 

Tim Cobb 

Tyler Brantley 

Wil Heflin 

Dave Walker 

Alexis Blair 

Mary Kennon 



Sewanee Cadence 

Sewanee Praise 

Big People for Little People 

Sewanee Outing Program 

ft- * 


i " 


1 - . 

E 4 ^ 

^5* a -^£ 

£/ -5^ n ; • 




a ir 


i -\ 

, c mt 





• •^li^tX 






• " _Jfc 

0'V * \ * 

Perpetual Motion 

Los Peones y Las Chatas 

Tyler Brantley 
Dave Middendorf 
Charlie Boyd 
Amanda Yacko 
Becky McCann 
Malcolm Means 
Alexis Williams 

Ellen Davis 

Rachel Watson 

Audrey Jernigan 

Anthony Clairmont 

Reed Tomlinson 

Nathan Bourne 

Jordan Craig 

Ian Hill 
Chris Poole 
Nels Oscar 

Michael McBroom 

Ted Robinson 

Marshall Benson 

Tristan Viana 

Nathan Shults 

Robert Parker 

Alex Maddux 

Daniel Church 

Katie Moses 

Allison Davis 

Hannah Carr 

Caitlin Rogers 

Rebecca McDonald 

Genevieve Melcher 

Daisey Blom 

Emily Detmer 

Alex White 

Julia Bates 

Beth Parks 

Lindsey Lanois 

Rachel Combs 

Lizzy McGrath 

Forbes Mann 

Meredith McManus 

Colin McWhirt 

Lexi Namer 

Megan Hua 

Tyler Cooney 

Nick Hull 

Chris Gamble 

Craig Bennett 

Darcy Cooper 

Adrian Ash 

Margaux de Haseth 

Lauren Goettge 

Lily Colpitts 

Sarah Cardwell 

Annie Maselli 

Sarah Walker 

Loren Peterson 

Caitlyn White 

Cassie Dbdon 

Kelsev Manlev 

Kit Deppe 

Cole Larsen 

Allison Slocum 

Kyndall McKemie 

The Guild of Humanists 

Benjamin Z. Huelskamp, CIO (Princeps) 

Christopher H. Hague, Cll (Upper Warden) 

Samantha L. Albert, C12 (Lower Warden) 

Pamela R. Macfie (Master of the Academv) 

Robert D. Hughes, III (Custodian) 

Sonia K. MacKenzie 
Brian K Fennessy, C12 

Aaron B. Rutz, C12 


Jared S. Cowan, COO 

Trudy Cunningham 

Daniel J. Seibert, C12 

John W. Richards, C12 

Charles W. Dearburv, C12 

Robert V. McAlister, C 12 

Jonathan Mverick 

Alexander Bruce, C89 

Thomas E. Macfie, Jr., C80, T89 

Andrew P. Moser, C93 

Caitlin B. Cutchin, CIO 

Hailev A. Robison, CIO 


Purple Haze 


Mountain Top Musicians 

The Purple 


The Green House 

University Orchestra 

University Choir 


Africa Week 

Baptist Campus Ministries 


College Republicans 

Culture Fest 

Sewanee EMS 

Environmental Residents 




1 ^^ 

1 w 








» ^ 

fe V///J 



The Most Ancient and Secret Order of the Wellington Society, commonly referred to as Wellington, 

began many, many years ago, predating its skirt wearing sister society by at least several centuries. The 

Wellington Society bases its secret rituals and faith upon the medieval feudal representation in cheerful, 

merry and foggy England. In keeping its distinguished English forbearers, it tries on the one hand to 

maintain an air of pompous dignity while exhibiting a touch of regal high spirit. Wellingtons cannot be 

matched in their enthusiasm and spirit while cheering on the great and noble Sewanee Tigers. Prime 

Minister and Archduke of Oadby Henry Litchfield headed the exclusive organization which draws 

members from a diverse body of gentlemen. 

.oddey Dowd, Duke of Kettering 
ickson Tucker, Count of Wolverhampton 
latthew Stringer, Baron of Birmingham 
:rrod Brown, Viscount of Barnt Green 
felson Payne, Baron of Kidderminster 
ac McCallum, Baron of Brewdley 
reg Bartleski, Baron of Thurmaston 
»hn Williamson, Baron of Kirby Muxloe 
Allie Cram, Duke of Ruskington 
rooke Voss, Count of Coningsby 
lane Rennie, Earl of Paddington 
H. Walker, Duke of Great Yarmouth 
mon Gooch, Count of Bassingstoke 
obbie Fitzgerald , Viscount of Southend-on-Sea 
iscoe Dean, Earl of Nottingham 
icy Brakefield, Baron of Grimsby 
itrick Johnson, Baron of Pen-y-bont Ar Ogwr 
I Laffond, Count of Kingswood 
in Ruzic, Viscount of Chipping Sodburry 
trick Shelton, Baron of Tidworth 
att Moore, Viscount of Aylesbury 
uce Frommeyer, Earl of Fleet 
turence Coffee, Count of Camberly 
iven Hassell, Baron of Woking 
)gan Ray, Baron of High Wycombe 
vid Middendorf, Baron of Kings Lynn 
alcolm Means, Duke of Maidenhead Proper 
rl Gray, Viscount of Wellingborough 

Charles Boyd, Earl of Sudbury 

Brewer Adams, Marquis of Stoke-on-Trent 

Andy Jarre tt, Baron of Bath 

Will Grundy, Archduke of Oxford 

William Blackerby, Earl of Swansea 

Michael Wurzel, Duke of Leeds 

Bo Cherry, Viscount of Exeter 

Brad Wills, Count of Fairmouth 

David Jennings, Earl of Hastings 

Jacob Johnson, Baron of Colchester 

Will Brown, Count of Basildon 

John Newton, Duke of Maidstone 

Michael Mansfield, Earl of Cambridge 

Bruce Bentley, Baron of Brixham 

Trey Axe, Baron of Truro 

John Walker, Archduke of London 

John Lines, Duke of Glastonbury 

Chase Spurlock, Earl of Godaiming 

Chase Chesser, Count of Carterton 

Evan Judge, Viscount of Beaconsfield 

Casey Clark, Earl of Warwick 

Parker Mothershead, Baron of Droitwich 

Philly Williams, Count of Stratford upon Avon 

Shashin Patel, Count of Shrewsbury 

Chip Bryars, Viscount of Hempstead 

Peter Anderson, Count of Spalding 

Robert TJ Childers, Duke of Bishops Stortford 

Henry Litchfield, Archduke of Oadby, Prime Minister 


1 *Sb*MM 


I \ 1 m^k 


^ %,"*»==** 


p/ UY\EH • ! 










* ^^^^^^. 






— ' -^BL 

tf \fr"\ 

1 ^x. 

H ^1 

" ™ ■■*■# '\AiA 

|L : ~ \ 

I ^ J -^m' 

Huf 'iaBL A V 



W Ell , VsN J ^^k 

^"^ m Jrm 

• rr ' if II 

•4 J«f]k 

■ ^F ^ 

| ^^^ 

^R/# V 





1 I 

. 1 *% ■ 

" ft 

Ji ^ 





i 1 



m m 






«r ~v ■ 


If 1 

1' M. 

wp^r r * ^ 


1 ♦ 

iT) i 


^ /i, 


■^T ^9^^ s. 'vi: 

<T M 

W\ 1 

ajgjg' i^*\T^ 






i >9 
1 I i 

*^ ^^^^^^B 


fit?' ^wtiJ 

1 *^ 

api-r-.:' •*.*£$**' 

kJP-M^ *w 


'•■ ■ ■ 

S^i-Sc ■ v **' 

.*..',. .•piSiP***** 




' '1 



4 . 

\ . " 



I 3$ 

! i 



m^. _ " -^J 


■K IMP J n 1! 

Sv flj A ^fc 

I ^trnkK^r^^^f^- ^K* 


§P|" w ^1 

-it' fe '. -^mJ 
^■i;T ill ■ 




^,/ A '-- 

'ffj£. 1 '•'« 





£W. ■ 


Li ^^Tr I ' 








a J 







> llB3> <, u 

)l^% 1 -Vit*' 

v 3 8 # 


• VM 

*&wy* iC wttd 

mUh v Mf 

+ WJ[ t s 



p flfi 

Laura Lucas 


May God Bless & keep 
you on your journey. 
Your Sewanee Angel 
will be with you always 

are so proud of you 

Mom, Dad & Philip 


Rachel Naomi Watson 

Love you even 


Mom, Dad, Elise 

and Graham 

You've come a long way. 

.since your first day at school! 

Congrats Lynnerd! 


Morn. Dad and the Tads 

Caitlyn Meyers 

May your faith be solid 
your dreams be lofty, 
and your joy be 
(Psalm 31:29-31). 

With much love and 



Mom and Dad 

Andrew Hunter 

Congratulations Andrew! 
Best wishes 

for your 

future success! 

We're very 

proud of you!! 


Mom and Dad 






*SiM*0*afa/aM&nA, 0bn4&Mf 

Gifts that Transform Lives 


As of April 30, 2009, gifts were made in honor of the following 

Seniors by their parents: 

Ms. Elinor Marie Adams 

Ms. Anne-Porcher Flynn 

Mr. Samuel Bancker McPherson 

Mr. Paul Brewer Adams 

Ms. Hannah Eleanor Ford 

Ms. Ruth Berrien McVay 

Ms. Christina Ashley Aga 

Mr. James Michael Forster 

Ms. Caitlyn Marie Meyers 

Ms. Michaela Justine Anastasio 

Mr. Wayne Lewis Gay 

Mr. David Bruce Middendorf 

Ms. Catherine Murray Ariail 

Ms. Anne Randolph Gibbons 

Mr. John Armstrong Milam 

Ms. Adrian Michael Ash 

Ms. Christina Elise Gibson 

Mr. Benjamin Lyn Miller 

Mr. Albert Raymond Axe, III 

Mr. Andrew Quinn Gould 

Ms. Rachel Mae Miller 

Ms. Jessica Suzanne Barber 

Ms. Arden Elizabeth Grady 

Mr. Brendan Michael Monks 

Ms. Carrie Anne Barfield 

Mr. Carl Clifford Howard Gray, II 

Ms. Catriona Leslie Morrison 

Ms. Lucy Anne Barton 

Ms. Margaret Anne Gray 

Ms. Madison Armstrong Murray 

Ms. Jennifer Monique Baxter 

Ms. Molly Elizabeth Green 

Mr. John Gibson Nalley, Jr. 

Ms. Alysia Monique Belle 

Mr. Charles Gate Grigsby 

Ms. Catherine Rich Outten 

Mr. Craig Miller Bennett, III 

Mr. William Dodge Grundy 

Ms. Elizabeth Randolph Paal 

Mr. Bruce Edison Bentley, Jr. 

Ms. Margaret Langdon Hamilton 

Ms. Mary Claudia Paden 

Mr. Coburn Dewees Berry, V 

Ms. Lynn Worthington Hancock 

Mr. John Colvin Page 

Ms. Harrison Page Blackford 

Mr. Alexander D. Harcourt 

Mr. Raymond Alexander Pappas 

Mr. Charles Campbell Boyd, IV 

Mr. Wyatt Eugene Harper, rV 

Mr. Jordan Lee Pardue 

Mr. William Langley Brawl ey 

Ms. Caroline Rhett Hartman 

Mr. Thomas Alexander Patrick, rV 

Mr. John Carpenter Brooks 

Ms. Kathryn Wray Hauch 

Mr. Loren Kwan Peterson 

Mr. William Melville Brown, IV 

Ms. Mary Marshall Haugh 

Ms. Kristen Lee Prather 

Ms. Katherine Erin Brush 

Mr. Andrew Steely Hawkins 

Ms. Catherine Aldridge Purdy 

Ms. Claiborne Stovall Buckingham 

Mr. Zachary Paul Hendershott 

Ms. Emily Elizabeth Randolph 

Mr. Joseph Sluarl Bumpas 

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Henderson 

Ms. Alicia Marie Repeczky 

Mr. James Van Burchfield 

Ms. Mary Grace Hinkle 

Ms. Hayley Evans Robb 

Mr. Robert Taylor Burns 

Mr. Frederick Webster Hollings 

Mr. John William Roberts 

Ms. Kristina Helen Burton 

Ms. Meredith Anne Hoover 

Mr. Jacob Lucien Rouquette 

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Byram 

Ms. Jane Prather Humphreys 

Ms. Nancy Kathleen Royer 

Mr. Hudson Thomas Byrd 

Ms. Gertrude Caroline Inge 

Mr. Jeremy Hunter Satterwhite 

Ms. Laura Vincent Candler 

Ms. Elspeth Mary Iralu 

Mr. Jacob Michael Sberna 

Ms. Sarah Layne Cardwell 

Ms. Amy Elizabeth Jackson 

Ms. Laura Jean Schieffler 

Ms. Margaret Clark Carpenter 

Ms. Margaret Louise Jackson 

Mr. Roy Louis Smart 

Ms. Jacqueline Elizabeth Carr 

Mr. Devin Robert Jacobsen 

Ms. Catherine Danielle St. John 

Ms. Darden Elizabeth Carroll 

Mr. Allen Jones Jamerson 

Mr. Joseph True Steuer 

Ms. Jordan Marie Casey 

Mr. Walter Andrew Jarrett 

Mr. Robert Boyd Stith, IV 

Mr. Steven Wiley Casey 

Mr. James Arthur Jayroe 

Ms. Mary Caroline Straight 

Mr. William Earl Cherry, III 

Ms. Audrey Bell Jernigan 

Mr. Christopher Haldimand Szeto 

Mr. Robert Tingnal Jones Childers 

Ms. Devin Michael Johnson 

Ms. Angelica Bette Tassoulas 

Mr. Shaleen T. Cholera 

Mr. Jacob Klingensmith Johnson 

Mr. Allen Simpson Tate 

Ms. Mary Grace Clark 

Ms. Anna Ingram Jones 

Ms. Melissa Anderson Timbers 

Mr. John Forrest Cobb 

Ms. Katherine Mackenzie-MacBeth Jortner Ms. Kathryn Lee Timmons 

Mr. Kenton Gray Coleman 

Mr. William Henry Kegan 

Ms. Lane Perritt Turbeville 

Mr. Tyler Garrett Cooney 

Ms. Allison Carol Kendrick 

Ms. Ashley Marie Vanderlande 

Ms. Elizabeth Darcy Cooper 

Ms. Kathryn Julia Kendrick 

Ms. Christian Epps Vaughn 

Ms. Catherine Greer Couey 

Ms. Grace Atherton King 

Mr. Joseph Goode Vicars, Jr. 

Mr. Matthew Foster Councill 

Ms. Karena Jia Kwauk 

Mr. John Newton Walker, Jr. 

Mr. Jared Sloan Cowan 

Mr. Matthew Adam Lafferman 

Mr. Colin Michael Walsh 

Mr. John Farrar Cranshaw 

Mr. John Stuart Lewis 

Ms. Elizabeth Cannon West 

Ms. Caroline Rose Croom 

Ms. Ellen Rogers Logan 

Ms. Elizabeth Grace West 

Mr. Charles Bevan Davis 

Ms. Elisabeth Hastings Lust 

Mr. Carl Eliotte Westmoreland III 

Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Davis 

Ms. Morgan Brent Manser 

Mr. Mark Stephen Wicker 

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth DiFiore 

Mr. Michael Fred Mansfield, Jr. 

Mr. Colin Squires Wilhelm 

Ms. Elizabeth Carson Dougherty 

Mr. Andrew Roscoe Mather 

Mr. Bryan Philip Williams 

Mr. Sedar Thomas Dunn 

Ms. Rebecca Lynn McCann 

Ms. Anne Wingfield Wills 

Ms. Emily Michelle Eastridge 

Ms. Sarah Frances McClure 

Mr. Bradley Weldon Wills 

Ms. Xela Talley Farkas 

Mr. John Bates McCutcheon 

Mr. Michael Edward Willis, Jr. 

Ms. Emily Anne Feitl 

Ms. Catherine Moore McKinney 

Mr. Matthew Patrick Woodard 

Ms. Fay Carrigan Fitzsimons 

Mr. Nathan Peters McLarty 

Mr. Peter Temple Yerkovich 


Chuck Grigsby 

"TakQ care of your memories, for 
you cannot relive them." 

— Bob Dylan 

"Achievement brings its own 

— Maya Angelou 

' a? ,1 ," ■ *:" 

lil'i'P .. 


1 w 

H It 


B HB*^' 

a?. - Bmm £ Tsil 


^M I_ 1 



Wiley Casey 


^d. *m 

Wiley, we are very proud of you and what 
you've accomplished and look forward to , 
what God has in store for you in the / 


i ' .. 


coming years. / 


\ t~ *" % 

M^ A 

Love, / 
Mom and Dad / 



Vd ^ 

RtTGBy"' -jL»f 



"For you created my inmost being; you / 
knit me together in my mother's womb." M 

Psalm M9M 14 ^^—-- 

jfl j| 

■/ — <Sc3 A 

it ^B W^M 1 ■ 


\ \ 


Timothy Ford Cobb 

beloved son, brother, friend, 
congratulations theater guy! 

Molly Green j 

Congratulations. Molly, 
we are so proud of you! 


You have reached 
another plateau in the 
blink of an eye. Continue 
to pursue your dreams, 
to be true to yourself, 
and to enjoy life's 
journey. We will be 
behind you all the way. 


Sewanee was right for 
you! It has been a fun 
journey with lots of 
wonderful friends and 

Eh A^ku \ J ^1 m^ i^M 


We love you. 
Dad. Mom. & Megan 

Congratulations, Amy Elizabeth Jackson! 

You have grown into a wonderful young lady, an academic leader, 
and a daughter and sister that would make any family proud 

Our best wishes and all of our love will follow you 


We love you! Dad, Mom, Alan, Andrea, and Todd 


Marvelous Margaret Anne 

You are a blessing to all who know you. Thank 

you for gracing our lives with your love and 

your gentle spirit. 

Lutchu Lots ! 

"Go in peace to love and serve the Lord." 


Ink * ^B 


1 m \ m 

^^Bp ~~ A 



^L. I 


lllB I'. 

/ Jf' ^y